ODE TO JOY – A redefinition of luxury travel

In simple terms, luxury travel is all about tweaking a vacation to suit the needs of the traveller. Luxury travelling involves making the right plans, choosing the right place and of course, selecting the right luxury travel agency that will cater for your travel needs. It is important to point out that luxury travel is not just about spending a lot of money; it involves planning your travel in such a way that you will have maximally satisfying experiences and build memories that will last for a lifetime.

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Over the years, the world of luxury travel has witnessed some tremendous innovations and changes which have resulted in more enriching experiences for clients and travellers. One of such innovative ideas is Ode To Joy, which is a brilliant idea credited to Mr Marc Mekki, a serial travel entrepreneur. When speaking about his inspiration, he attributes it to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony titled Welcome to Ode to Joy.

The concept of Ode to Joy was all about changing the face of luxury travel, with the ultimate aim of providing travellers with inspiring, genuine and treasurable memories and experiences especially in Europe.

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The idea was to give travellers an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and first-hand facts about a particular location by utilizing the people that grew up in that locality and employing them as facilitators and guides in the course of different travels to that area. The advantage of this is that it allows travel agencies to organise memory-packed trips by utilizing small-scale companies that have deep roots in the culture prevalent in that area. This brings down the cost of travel and also ensures that travellers gain insider access that will be truly beneficial to them. By partnering with these outfits, Ode To Joy created an avenue to have travel experiences at its best.

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It is important to point out that the main selling point of luxury travel is that the clients get to have their experiences custom-made for them, maximising comfort and satisfaction. The success of this concept can be seen in the stories and testimonies submitted by travellers that have had experiences with the company; from a secret Icelandic cave to a search for roman shipwrecks, from enjoying a gourmet dining on the grass pitch of Fc Barcelona to the Skelling Michael Island, the experiences are second to none. The trips across Europe could be short or long depending on the preference of the travellers, and irrespective of duration, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ode TO Joy is a story of triumph over the monotony of travel, the celebration of adventure and building of experiences in a more immersive and extensive way. The travel experiences are designed for families, couples and groups of friends to enjoy the sounds and sights of Europe.

Having previously founded a luxury travel company based in Asia called Mandarin Journeys, Marc Mekki has recorded one more successful endeavour in his journey as a luxury travel expert.

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