Mykonos the Jet Set spot in Greece

There is a grand variety of travel destinations in the world, some of them better suited for families, others who emphasize their romantic or relaxed atmosphere, yet Mykonos is neither of those things, it is one of those places where people go to party with their friends, forgetting the rules of society and their boring daily life. Nevertheless, Mykonos is as much of an idyllic Greek island as all the other, with incredible beaches and picturesque small villages, with unforgettable sunsets and great landscapes. Nevertheless, over the years, Mykonos has become known as the ultimate party place, together with famous places like Ibiza or Acapulco. While many other destinations are known on the tourist market for decades, such as the towns of the French or Italian Riviera, the Caribbean islands and so on, Mykonos is a rather new addition to the party map of the world.



Once frequented mainly by the gay community of Europe, today the island is a cosmopolitan and liberal destination, with groups of friends and solitary tourists visiting the trendsetting capital of the Aegean, the liveliest and noisiest of all the wonderful Greek islands. Mykonos has also transformed into a jet setting destination, with famous brands and designers turning their attention to the small shops of the island, with luxury resort hotels sprawling over the lavish sandy beaches, with major cruise lines circling this small piece of heaven. People who come to Mykonos usually follow their senses and their need for adrenaline, for the better things in life, either an exclusivist treatment, unsettling nights through the clubs or beach parties and lazy days at the beach or in the spa. Known mostly for its nightlife, and without reason, Mykonos also holds some small but inspiring surprises.



With its iconic rows of windmills and azure blue sea kissing the golden beaches, with some spots where authenticity is still retained, Mykonos almost looks cramped with trendy clubs and design hotels, with activity opportunities and an endless array of foreign visitors. The luxury scene of Mykonos is made up exclusive luxury resorts, small boutique hotels, upscale shops and restaurants, amazing clubs and so on. The true image of Mykonos can best be described by a summer Saturday night in the wild Paradise club, where the most famous DJ’s of the world entertain up to 5,000 people a night. Mykonos is also a great place to just relax by the beautiful beaches, like the trendy Paradise beach or the more charming and quiet Elia beach. Mykonos is also a great place to try to delicious Greek cuisine and the traditional Greek music, to experience a handful of water activities and the things that make the island so special could go on forever.