My zen luxury experience at Grand Hyatt Berlin

Grand Hyatt Berlin is another exceptional hotel I tried out while staying in Berlin. It is conveniently located in the heart of the city, near the Potsdamer Platz, so almost everything you need is not very far or within a walking distance. So, whether you are coming to Berlin for business or pleasure, staying at this hotel will definitely meet your standards. I can say indeed that it was easy to reach with ease almost all the appointments I had in various parts of Berlin and I could also do some shopping in my spare time, since the biggest shopping mall in Berlin is very close to the hotel.


Grand Hyatt Berlin - Tizian Lounge

But what I loved most about this hotel is that on the inside you are far away of the crowd. It gives you a rather zen feeling, triggered by the warm fire of the Tizian lounge, but also by the wooden details and modern art and photography that make it an elegant setting. You practically can’t hear any noises from outside, which is very comforting.

Grand Hyatt Berlin - Grand Kind Room

bathroom Grand Hyatt Berlin

My room at the hotel was very classy and made in the Berlin spirit, which means to keep things simple when it comes to design and always practical, but with a great sense of elegance. I enjoyed great free Wi-Fi and I could feel that it is a designed room. The bathroom was beautiful, all dressed in marble and glass, with a glass cube that contained a rain shower and a bath, both in the same cubicle, which I considered a very practical and clever idea indeed.

Vox Bar wiskey selection Berlin

Before the day ends, if you want to relax, you can always visit the hotel’s Vox Bar. It is rather cozy and intimate place where you can have a drink and listen to some music. If you visit the bar of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, you will even enjoy a DJ performing live at the bar. I was impressed to see the large whiskey collection of the bar, 300 types of whiskey more precisely, which were all available for customers. Since it was hard to pick one, I asked the bartender to recommend one, marching on his experience.

Grand Hyatt Berlin Indoor Swimming Pool

The hotel also has the Olympus Club Spa, which contains a modern gym, a pool with views to the skyline, personalized wellness treatments and massages, to suit your needs and soothe your senses, and many more. I was pretty tired almost every day, due to my appointments, but I couldn’t stay away from the Olympus swimming pool. I enjoyed having a view of the city while swimming and unwinding. I also appreciated the warm Jacuzzi as well, with a modern design and a great ability to relax my senses. I always enjoyed a good night sleep after visiting the spa, no matter how hard my day was.

Grand Hyatt Berlin - Vox Open Kitchen View

The breakfast was so tasty, with perfectly prepared scramble eggs, slow cooking and healthy products of the highest quality, even a selection of German specialties and delicious German bread. I must say, even the croissants were tasty, although I wasn’t in France. The spot for serving the breakfast is the nice posh Vox restaurant that has a warm classy style, very pleasant when it comes to enjoying food in a beautiful atmosphere. I must say that the staff was friendly, smiling, discreet, and efficient, which is what I love the most about a 5-star hotel. I will definitely come back to this hotel, because I had a very relaxing experience here.

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