My travel experience at the Barrière Group hotel Du Golf in Deauville France

When I found out that I had to participate at a congress in Deauville, France and that I will stay at Hotel du Golf Lucien Barrière Group, a reference in hospitality in France, I was very happy to enjoy this experience. Deauville is a small town located in the Normandy region of France, in the northwestern part. It is probably one of the most appreciated resorts on the French shorelines, receiving thousands of guests every year. What is so attractive about it? It has a gorgeous harbor, a horse race course, conference center, grandiose villas and luxurious hotels. Not to mention that an international film festival takes place here each year. It is really the place where people from the high society gather.

hotel du Golfe lobbyLucien Barriere, Deauville

Everything about Hotel Du Golf Deauville inspired excellence and high-quality, so I couldn’t resist the temptation to check it out. The mere image of the hotel appeared like being carved out of a person illustration, appearing like the perfect place to unwind and enjoy your stay in France. The truth is that its location that was a bit outside Deauville enchanted me the most, because it meant peace and quiet, ideal for sleeping and resting well. Most certainly the high standards of this hotel are due to the fact that it is part of the prestigious Lucien Barriere group, which was another reason that made me consider this hotel instead of others.

hotel du Golfe , Deauville

Probably one of the most spectacular details of this hotel is the rather large golf course that can be found here, perfect for the enthusiasts of this sport. If you are a beginner, you may find the course rather technical. But, again, this is only my opinion. There is an outside swimming pool as well, which is open only during the warm season. Still, you can enjoy the spa instead, where you will find outstanding conditions and a pleasant environment. There is also a bar you will consider lovely, at least I did, especially if you are from the UK. Why is that? Well, the décor concept is inspired by Normandy, and furniture items with Scottish and Chesterfield accents being visible throughout the entire hotel.

hotel du Golfe De Luxe room Lucien Barriere, Deauville

My room that was recently refurbished, about 2 years as all the hotel. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the rooms are a bad choice. I enjoyed a beautiful view, a large and comfortable bed, and a generous wardrobe for my belongings. The lobby of the room was also large, decorated with an impressive horse. Among the other details I found in the room were a mini-bar, a safe, and an umbrella, which is rather useful in Normandy. The restroom was in a separate enclosure and was decorated with a lot of wood, had an incredible rain shower, and high-quality bath products by Diane Barriere.

I find it worth mentioning that not only golfers will find a piece of heaven here, but also horse riders as well, the hotel also owning a beautiful stable nearby. The staff is conveniently discreet, very professional with a real concierge “clefs d’or”, which was of great assistance. Officially, the hotel has only 4 stars, but you can find here everything you would expect at a 5 stars hotel. And, of course, I cannot help myself from mentioning the exceptional breakfast I enjoyed here.

hotel du Golfe Lucien Barriere, Deauville

hotel du Golfe pastries Deauville

Any foodie will enjoy this, especially since it is healthy too. Freshly squeezed orange juice and fruits, but also tasty bacon, scramble eggs, and delicious pan cakes, they were all available. Fresh French bread and croissant were part of it as well, together with the delicious local cheese, made by farmers, just like the famous Camembert of Normandy. It was a real delight to stay at this hotel.

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