My lunch at the outstanding Margot Restaurant in Covent Garden

If outstanding quality is what drives your direction in life, then you will certainly appreciate what the Margot Restaurant has to offer. This exquisite place was founded by Paulo de Tarso and Nicolas Jaouën ; people with an incredible sense of detail and appreciation for the finest things in life. Right from the start, the concept of this restaurant was to offer customers what they cannot find anywhere else in London, that is, besides amazing food, an incredible atmosphere, and top-notch interior space. After all, enjoying a meal should be a complex experience that stimulates all senses, not just your taste. Thus, the Margot Restaurant is the result of the team’s extensive experience in this domain, so you will certainly not be disappointed.


An aspect that is worth mentioning is the fact that the founders of this restaurant, Paulo and Nicolas,  worked for several famous and appreciated chefs in the past, like Daniel Boulud and Alain Ducasse. So, they had the chance to learn from the best, which explains why this restaurant respects the highest standards. But again, excellent food and services are not the only reasons to visit this restaurant. Because most people would like to enjoy a calm atmosphere when enjoying their lunch or dinner, the restaurant was built with a perfect acoustic. You have the feeling that around each table a protective bubble forms, reducing the surrounding noise, with felt under each table, even when the restaurant is filled with guests, so you can enjoy the ordered dishes in the best way possible.



Also, if you want to organize a small party or wish to have dinner with a group of people but in a more private environment, the restaurant can offer a gorgeous private dining room. If you ask me, this is one of the most elegant and stunning rooms of its kind throughout London.


The deco of the Margot Restaurant is also surprising. It is beautiful and intriguing, and it is easy to tell, right from the start, that they don’t follow the general trends in the industry when it comes to decoration. The truth is that the team was inspired by the 1920′s when they decided on the decorative style of the restaurant. So, the Art Deco spirit of the 1920′s  in the interior space of Margot, as the management team focuses more on customer experience and delivering unforgettable food apart from anything else.


From the moment I sat at our table at Margot, I knew that this restaurant is all about excellence. There was not one small detail to appear out of place. Everything was perfect, and the services, food, and wine pairing were all going to confirm this opinion. You may expect to pay a rather high price for the exceptional quality and refinement you will find here, but you will be surprised to know that the prices are more than acceptable considering that you are actually dining at a highly-awarded restaurant.

Margot restaurant covent garden pasta

Margot restaurant covent garden London

Probably you are, by now, excited to find out about the food here, so here are my opinions about the lunch I enjoyed here, together with my wife. I started with a marvelous dish of Tagliolini con gamberi rossi Siciliani Tagliolini, which means Sicilian red prawns, accompanied by Sardinian artichokes and cherry tomatoes. Everything about this dish was in perfect balance; the taste and the flavors, they entwined in a beautiful story that unrolled in my mouth at each bite. For a moment, I was back on the islands of Vulcano and Lipari, in Sicily, which are places that I love so much. My wife had a wonderful Scialatielli con polpa di granchio, which means Scialatielli with crab meat and grilled courgettes.


The sommelier of the restaurant selected a wine for our food, a Zibibbo IGP Curatolo Arini 2017 that was the ideal pairing for our dishes.

Margot restaurant covent garden red mullets

Margot restaurant covent garden tuna

For the main course, I selected the Filetti di Triglia alla piastra, or Seared fillets of red mullet, with Neapolitan style escarole and anchovies dressing. I have to mention that I am not such a big fan of red mullet, as I went for the recommendation of the smiling waitress this time. To my surprise, I had a wonderful dish, which I enjoyed from start to finish. My wife chose the Filetto di Tonno alla griglia, or Grilled fillet of tuna, with asparagus, acacia honey, lemon, ginger and red sweet chili. While she was enjoying her dish, she told me that it was the best tuna she’d ever had in her life. The fish was served in a thick portion and cooked in a way that managed to preserve all those gorgeous flavors, most certainly with the help of a twist known and mastered by an experienced chef.


For these dishes, we had, once again, an outstanding wine from Toscana; a top choice in the form of Chardonnay Collezione Privata 2016 Isole Olena that left such a beautiful and complex flavor in our mouths.



The moment of dessert is always exciting, as I try to keep myself from making any assumptions. This is due to the fact that, in my numerous previous experiences with several top restaurants, even if the food was outstanding, the desserts were not that great, as many chefs focus more on the preparation of savory dishes, rather than desserts. But, this time, the dessert was as great as the rest of the dishes we enjoyed. I had a classical Pavlova con Frutti di Bosco, or Pavlova with strawberry compote, berries, bergamot sorbet, strawberry and mint sorbet. This dessert took me to Russia and the Pavlova Palace, back in the XIX century on the Champs Elysées, so it was an incredible culinary journey. I really think that Escoffier and Brillat Savarin should still be alive so they can enjoy such a dessert. My wife chose a Sfera di cioccolato al latte or Milk chocolate sphere filled with Frangelico mousse and caramelized hazelnuts. It is a real show to see the waiter pour hot chocolate over the perfectly-shaped sphere, triggering that amazing mix of flavors, which turns the dessert into the ultimate treat.


And, of course, we had the dessert with an incredible wine, a Bissoni Albana di Romagna Passito. It is so different from other common sweet wines, as it presents complex and long-lasting flavors that merge perfectly with fruits and chocolate.


We ended this perfect lunch with an exceptional cup of coffee, roasted with art by Julius Meinl, the famous Austrian coffee roaster, and served with precious silver items. Also, the mignardises that served together with the coffee are a trip to heaven; a dream-like way to finish the exceptional time spent at the Margot. Something that every foodie would remember for the rest of his or her life. Having lunch at this restaurant provided one of the best experiences we had in London so far. Most certainly I will soon fly back to this city, just to have another lunch or dinner at the exceptional Margot.

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