Luxury shopping in Brussels

If you wish to know that you invest in products that are of the highest quality and meet all your standards, you need to know that Brussels, in Belgium, is the best place for such shopping. There are a high number of designers and artists in Brussels that are dedicated to producing only the best items, even if this means to stay on the market here in Belgium and not go globally. Because of this, Brussels is considered to be a heaven for luxury shopping. If you want to have unique items that are custom made for you, do not hesitate to visit Brussels. Don’t know exactly where to shop in the city? Here are some examples that can be helpful for you.

Maison Degand
La Maison Degand is a shop for men that admire and appreciate refined products. The shop provides clothes, luxury sartorial, exquisite shoes collections, and precious accessories.

Maison Degand Brussels

luxury shopping Degand Brussels

Degand shoes Brussels

luxury shopping Brussels Degand shoes

All the clothes are tailored to fit the style and personality of the man that is going to wear them and the provided accessories are some of the most appreciated on the market, including items like the famous PicNic sets for Rolls Royce owners.

Maison Degard Rolls Royce accessories

Brussels Degand Rolls Royce picnic set

Yes, everything about the Degand shop inspires luxury and high standards. A shopping session here will definitely be an outstanding experience. You can opt for their bespoke services, luxury items, or casual chic items.

Degand Gifts Brussels

The choice is entirely yours, as the quality is their concern. The Daughter of Mister Degand, Emily, is also in charge of Degand Gift, with original and more affordable items that are selected with a lot of taste, this new shop is 1 street from Degand flagship store.

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High Jewellery with Manalys
From the first time you set your foot in the Manalys jewelry shop, you will know that quality and excellence are two of the main rules of the house. Everything from the way the jewelry is displayed to the space destined for the clients, each corner of the shop is made to provide an unforgettable experience.

Brussels luxury shoping Manalys jewels

Manalys Brussels haute jewelry

Time will simply freeze here, as the space is warm and welcoming, allowing you to take your time and make the best choice. As a brand, Manalys was the idea of Moïse Mann, a master jeweler, and his team, who created the brand back in 2009.

Manalys Brussels interior

Ever since then, they deliver only top jewelry to their clients. What you will notice about the jewelry created by this master jeweler and his team is the precious stones that throne majestic on every jewelry piece. Mann has a passion for precious stones, being the hallmark of the brand ever since it was founded. You will be simply amazed both by the used gems and by the splendor of the jewelry itself.

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Lunetier Ludovic  - bespoke glasses
If you wear glasses, you would probably like to have a pair that is designed especially for you, being of the highest quality and incorporating all the details you consider ideal for a pair of glasses. Then you need to visit the Ludovic Lunetier shop, created and managed by Ludovic Elens, a trained optician and optometrist, who also some of the most beautiful bespoke eyeglass frames.

Brussels bespoke glasses Lunetier Ludovic

All the glasses he makes are handmade, as he works closely with each customer apart, to indentify needs and preferences for each of them. This craftsman studied at Antwerp before going to France where he learned about the art of making eyeglass frames with the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”, translated at the best workmen of France.

Luxury bespoke glasses Lunetier Ludovic Brussels

To make his unique glasses, Ludovic uses natural materials and the same techniques utilized by artisans for centuries already. So, you can be sure that what comes out of his hands is one of a kind.

ludovic lunetier luxury bespoke glasses Brussels Belgium


You can either work with Ludovic to create the desired pair of glasses or allow him to choose the best design for you. This will be achieved based on your physiognomy and personal preferences and style. After a 4-step process, which includes conversation with the customer, presentation of the materials, crafting the frame, and trying on the final glasses, the client will happily walk away with a custom made pair of glasses made by the best professional in Belgium.

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