Lunch experience at the Royal China Dim Sum restaurant in London

It is said that food is best to be eaten in the country where it comes from, although I recently discovered that this is not necessarily true. When it comes to Chinese food, especially Dim Sum, there is one particular restaurant in London that serves dishes of a quality which is way above many restaurants that can be found in Hong Kong. I am talking about Royal China, an exceptional restaurant that can be found in various locations around London, which serves the best Chinese food in Britain’s capital city, if not even in the country. Thus, when I had the chance to eat my lunch at the Royal China in Queensway, I made sure not to miss the opportunity. It is worth mentioning that this is an award-winning restaurant, so my expectations were rather high.


When I walked into the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised by the décor. It was a beautiful entwining of modern elements and Zen details, specific to Chinese traditions when it comes to arranging interior spaces. So, while having a contemporary character, the Royal China really made me feel like I was eating a meal in China due to its atmosphere and specific decorative elements. Finding out the restaurant’s story made my experience even more interesting. Apparently, the first restaurant did not emerge as a luxurious location, but more as a restaurant that wanted to strive in offering its customers the best food there is. So, starting back in 1996, excellence and high standards helped the Royal China to not just develop and open restaurants in various locations, but also to build a great reputation for itself. The chefs of Royal China learn the secrets of preparing top-notch Dim Sum from experienced masters so that everything comes out perfectly. Also, only the freshest ingredients are used, for an unforgettable flavor.






These were things I quickly found out once I started enjoying my lunch. I chose 5 different dishes, which were all perfectly cooked and served. I was really impressed by the high level of execution when it came to food, as every dish I ate did not allow any room for negative comments. It was very easy to taste the freshness and flavor of every dish, so it was an excursion into Chinese cuisine that I really appreciated. One of my dishes was Minced Pork Dumplings with Shrimp, which had an incredible flavor. The other dishes revolved around prawns and they were also of outstanding quality too. Everything was made with great skills and raised to the rank of art. The most surprising thing is that the restaurant charges low prices for the level of quality it offers, so Royal China is definitely one of the restaurants you need to visit if you are in London.

While having my lunch, I noticed a lot of Chinese people from London’s Chinese community eating their meals at the restaurant. They were either with their friends or family, which shows just how much this Dim Sum restaurant is appreciated. It is a really great place to enjoy excellent food, in a beautiful environment, and at a very affordable and reasonable price too.

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