Le Burgundy Art Deco style small luxury hotel in Paris

Wandering the best tourist destinations in the world, one place has always remained close to my heart and continues to capture the imagination like no other. The romantic Paris has been praised and described in all its details, but few have truly felt the authentic charm of the city, above its tourist streets and attractions. A great way to experience Paris is to stay in a truly Parisian hotel, one that best describes that elegance and style of the city, making it one of the most loved places on Earth.

The rooms are exquisite to say the least, with a perfect blend of functionality and style, featuring everything you might imagine, including a fully equipped bathroom that I especially fancied. The materials and colors are brilliantly combined to contribute towards the pleasant ambiance and relaxing experience of this five star hotel. Another amazing details that few design hotels in Paris have and that completely captured me was the indoor swimming pool, a perfect addition to an already captivating hotel.




I recently had the opportunity to stay at the magnificent Le Burgundy hotel in the middle of Paris and the experience was amazing. Perfectly located close to the best things that the city has to offer, close to the Champs Elysees and the Opera, Hotel Le Burgundy represents the essence of the Paris lifestyle, offering an original experience for those that pass its doors.

Burgundy GdeLaubier62

Right from the entry, I noticed the subtle touches of elegance, the quiet and refined atmosphere, with charming paintings and photographs embellishing the walls, as well as the sculpture dominating the concierge area. The light atmosphere embodies the spirit of the place, that of subtle modern elegance with touches of romanticism.

Piscine moydef

The swimming pool is located in the spa and fitness area of the hotel and if you want to mix a wellbeing treatment with the discovery of Paris, Le Burgundy is the perfect destination. I only tried the sauna, but all the other facilities looked amazing, with modern and luxurious appliances. The same style can be found in the Le Baudelaire restaurant, where I had some amazing traditional French delicacies. The Bar features an amazing ceiling fresco that captured my attention and is a nice place to spend a few hours chatting and exchanging ideas over a glass of the best French wine. Overall, Le Burgundy Hotel is amongst the most impressive accommodations in Paris, right next to the best areas for visits and shopping.

6 Rue Duphot
75001 Paris