La Patinoire Royale Brussels a great spot for comptemporary art lovers

La Patinoire Royale or the Royal Skating as it would be translated is a building in Brussels with a long history. It appeared in the background of Brussels in 1877, when it was indeed a skating ring for roller blades. It was the first construction to serve this purpose in the entire Europe. But, in a short time after its construction, it ended serving a different purpose, becoming a garage for the famous Bugatti cars in 1900. After another 5 years, the location was used as a depot by a war weapons factory and, after the World War II, it was used by the Siemens Company as a garage. And finally, it became an exhibition garage in 1975, for car enthusiasts.

comptemporary art Brussels La Patinoire Royale

Comptemporary Art Brussels Belgiul La Patinoire Royale

Comptemporary Art Brussels Belgium La Patinoire Royale

La Patinoire Royale art Brussels Belgium

In 1995, the Brussels Region finally acknowledged the value of this building and declared it a historical monument. It has been in the city for so long already, having a unique neo-classical style, that it would be a shame not to preserve it. In recent times, the space within the Patinoire Royale served as a contemporary art gallery, where people can enjoy various exhibitions free of charge. The most recent exhibition, the one I saw myself, was the one displaying the work of Takis and Jean Prouvé.

Panagiotis “Takis” Vassilakis is a Greek artist that became very popular in France. His works of art can be seen in various public places in the country. He is famous for his tridimensional works, which are a combination of science and arts.

La Patinoire Royale Brusseels exhibition Takis

La Patinoire Royale Brusseels exhibition Jean Prouvé performance

La Patinoire Royale Brusseels exhibition  Takis comptemporary art

La Patinoire Royale Brussels Takis exhibition

Jean Prouvé was another great personality in the artistic world. He was a famous French designer working on a metal, who taught himself the secrets of architecture and design. Thus, he is famous for the houses he made, based on simple modular principles, and pieces of furniture, which also have simple lines and a clear functionality.

La Patinoire Royale Brusseels exhibition Jean Prouvé

La Patinoire Royale Brusseels exhibition Jean Prouvé

The next exhition at the Patinoire Royal that is announced to begin since the 23rd of November is the one of Joana Vasconcelos. She is an artist from Portugal. Joana is famous for her colorful and out of the ordinary creations, for which she uses some of the most awkward materials. For instance, in 2005, at the Venice Biennale event, she exhibited an artwork called “The Bride”, which was a large 20 ft. chandelier, made out of more than 25,000 OB tampons. So she can be quite eccentric, although this piece of art affirmed her on the international art domain. If you are curious to see her work, don’t hesitate to visit La Patinoir Royal starting with the end of November.

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