La Grance Epicerie in Paris a top concept food store

That France is one of the best gastronomy destinations in the world, nobody can deny. The diverse and heavenly French cuisine has been praised through and through, with tastes, essences and aromas that are truly a soul nurture. Many gourmand tourists choose to visit France for its gastronomy and wine, searching for those recipes that have made this destination unique and loved for centuries.

Paris is definitely the place where all the regional cuisines meet, with an infinity of amazing traditional recipes. While visiting the city, whether you are a praised gourmet chef searching for your new masterpiece recipe, or just a traveler looking to discover the very best in French food, there is a place where you can practically experience the very best of exclusive French gastronomy. This place is called La Grande Epicerie and is located adjacent to the chic department store of Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche.

Nouvel espace L'Epicerie, La Grande Epicerie de Paris


La Cave de La Grande Epicerie de Paris copyright Virgile Guinard (2)

The very best of what France has to offer can be found along the aisles of this magnificent food store, with an overwhelming selection of quality and luxury goods from across the country. If you ever feel the need to rethink everything you know about food, visit La Grande Epicerie and you will most likely want to become a chef. Food lovers should be advised, this huge food hall could cause unexpected desires and wishes, as well as an everlasting impression. Apart from the immense variety of French goods, there is also a wide selection of the best and most specific international foods from around the world. Regarded today as one of the leading high-end food stores in Paris, La Grande Epicerie started out over thirty years ago as a genuine local supermarket for food lovers. The great diversity of the merchandise is represented in its perfectly organized departments.

fraisiers, La Grande Epicerie

Wandering around the store, you will most likely meet the main departments like groceries, fresh produce, wines and production kitchens. But if you are like me, you will find your steps leading towards the delicacies area more than once, staring for minutes at the incredibly delicious looking jams, chocolates and other mouth-watering sweets. Among the other delights of La Grande Epicerie, the bakery, fromagerie, charcuterie or meat areas will offer dazzling flavors and picture perfect memories that will most likely make you go straight for the small picnic area to try at least some of these amazing produce. If you also want to learn more about the foods of the world, there is also an exotic food area, with merchandise from the four corners of the world. Finally, make sure you visit the wine selection in this charming store. Everything you see comes at a cost, of course, but who thinks about the price when the desire becomes overwhelming.

38 Rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris
01 44 39 81 00

@photos par Virgile Guinard