Kiani Beach Resort: a reference in luxury family resorts in Greece

Greece is an incredible vacation destination, because the weather here is amazing most of the year, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy, and very affordable high-quality services. If you want to enjoy Greece with your family, which means bringing your young ones along, finding an all-inclusive family hotel is a must. Kiani Beach Resort, in Chania, may be the solution you are looking for. The resort has the conditions and facilities needed by a family with children. The hotel offers probably the best services you can find at a family-friendly hotel, focusing not only on what you need, but also providing a complete and unforgettable experience in Greece.

Kiani beach resort Chania

Kiani beach resort pool, Chania

Chania is the second largest city in the Crete Island, with a rich history, beautiful places to visit, and amazing beaches and gorgeous areas along the shoreline. You will be simply mesmerized by this gorgeous old Greek city, where you will find magical promenade areas, restaurants with delicious and traditional foods, and narrow streets with houses that have Mediterranean architecture. And, when you think about the fact you will stay at an all-inclusive family resort, your vacation will turn into a perfect one. Why should you choose Kiani Beach Resort for you and your family? Here are a few very good reasons to make this choice.

• The rooms are family-oriented
The rooms are made to accommodate a higher number of guests, including children, which makes their space very generous. It doesn’t matter how many members are in your family or their ages, because there are rooms to suit every family’s needs and space requirements. Also, the rooms are rather cozy and welcoming, looking more like an apartment than a formal hotel room, which will ensure a comfortable stay. Also, guests may choose rooms with a children’s area separated from the one designated for the adults, so don’t hesitate to make such a request if you need it.
We all know it is difficult to travel with small children, because you need a lot of items to make your vacation safe and comfortable.

Kiani beach resort room, Chania

But, Kiani Beach Resort  is quite a pleasant surprise, providing all the items you need to take proper care of your kids during your stay at the resort. Cribs, high chairs, baby monitors, special baths, and more are available for parents, so bring your baby along, without carrying all the furniture items you need. Your family will be covered, even in the case of a medical situation; the hotel’s staff will assist you with trips to the pharmacy or arranging appointments with a doctor if needed.

• Your children will have safe grounds to play
When we think about children, the word safe comes automatically. Every parent wishes for his child to play and move around in a safe and protected environment; this is why the space around the resort was created with this in mind. Strollers, toddlers, and children of all ages will have plenty of space to enjoy, without the risks of accidents.

Kiani beach resort activity kids, Chania

Kiani beach resort swimming pool, Chania

The space around the pool and at the beach is flat, so you will maintain eye contact with your child at all times, nothing between you and your young one. Also, a life guard will be present near the pool and on the beach, offering an extra pair eyes and experience in emergency situations, keeping unwanted situations from occurring. It is also worth mentioning that small children have a pool designed just for them, conveniently placed in an area that can be supervised from every direction.

• The availability of wholesome, fresh and tasty meals for kids in a daily manner
Food is very important for children; the meals they eat should provide the nutrition their developing body needs, while being safe from all points of view. At Kiani Beach Resort, food is not only diverse, suiting all preferences, but also fresh and organic, coming from local farmers. An open buffet is available for adults and children; each group will enjoy a selection of healthy foods appropriate for their age and activity level. The menu will change daily, so you can always try something new.

Kiani beach resort children1, Chania
The chefs at this hotel know they have children as guests, so they focus on quality and nutritional value of the meals they prepare for young ones. Freshly squeezed orange juice will be available for breakfast and a wide variety of vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish, freshly baked breads, Greek yogurt, honey, and fruits will also be a part of the offer. For young babies that haven’t yet started eating solid foods, the chefs will be happy to assist mothers with foods prepared adequately for the age of the baby. Also, if one of your members suffers from a particular food intolerance or allergy, mention this to the chefs, and they will prepare the meals by respecting your guidelines.

• Indoor and outdoor activities for children
The most challenging part when going on vacation with children is keeping them entertained. While adults are looking for ways to relax, kids want to do something fun to burn off their energy. At Kiani Beach Resort, a team of professional animators will make sure young ones are kept busy throughout the day, 6 days a week, for their enjoyment and the benefit of their parents.

Kiani beach resort children playground, Chania

What will the children enjoy? Outdoors, kids can choose anything from face painting to donkey rides, swimming lessons, mini football, water polo, volley, rackets, mini disco with dancing and singing, T-shirt painting, pool games around the pool, arts and crafts, themed days such as “pirate day”, “treasure hunts”, “castle building”, and many more. Keep an eye on the dedicated days, like Indiana day, Pirate Day, Beach Day, Art Day,

Kiani beach resort respect of environment, Chania

Kiani beach resort sport, Chania

Water Day, and Face Day, where special activities will give kids the chance to do something exciting and fun all the time. There is also an outdoor playground, including an amazing pirate ship, swings, slides, little houses, and more for the kids all day long. The area is entirely safe and protected by eco-friendly palates, so they will be kept safe from wandering off to the beach alone.


Indoors, there is as much fun as outdoors, with the help of professional kids’ club team members. In their company, the children will do wonderful arts and crafts, while you enjoy time on your own. There is also a game room dedicated for older children, where they can play billiard games, darts, and more in an enjoyable and safe environment.

• Social responsibility towards children and the environment
Besides making sure the children are safe and entertained, the resort’s team of animators has another mission to accomplish. Weekly and monthly environmental events are organized to teach the children about keeping the environment safe and protecting animals. These events include activities, like tree and flower planting days, energy saving days, cleaning the beach and spotting wildlife, and many more.

The resort also works closely with children’s charities in Greece and in the local area, supporting their initiatives and causes monthly. So your stay at the resort won’t just be fun for your children, but also educative and very enriching.

• Evening entertainment
The coming of the evening means more fun things to do at Kiani Beach Resort. Family-friendly shows are stages at the end of every day. They include dancing shows, magician shows, musical shows, karaoke, quizzes, and other fun and engaging activities. The children’s attention will be captured during these shows, because they will be invited to participate.

Kiani beach night, Chania

After finding out so many things about Kiani Beach Resort, it is easy to tell this resort is more than suitable for a vacation with your family. The resort has everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and safe stay here, regardless of the age of your children. Plus, the location is breathtaking, the village is charming, and there is something to do for everybody. The entire resort was made, thinking about the needs of a family with children, so it respects all the standards and facilities needed to have an enjoyable vacation with the people you love the most. The all-inclusive program means nothing will be missed from your experience on the Cretan island, including the possibility to enjoy trips around Chania and discover the beauty of the area. Also, the food, atmosphere, and everything else will allow you to experience Greece as it is, allowing you to return home with a set of amazing memories.

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