KaDeWe – Berlin’s shopping and dining mecca

‘Kaufhaus Des Westens’, aka KaDeWe, which means Department Store of the West has certainly earned its name because it is the largest department store in continental Europe.


Spread over seven floors, KaDeWe is not only recognised as one of the most diverse and exciting department shops in Berlin, but as one of the most sought after and famous throughout the world. It offers a stunning range and selection to the many visitors who shop there every day. This unique department store has been a Berlin institution since its inception in 1907, and marks over a century of revered quality and service. Over time, the store has managed to broaden its reach and increase its vast offering to the highest standards. It now boasts a mind-bogglingly large catalogue across numerous areas and niches.


KaDeWe - Inhouse - CANALI

KaDeWe - Inhouse - Zegna

KaDeWe is often compared to London’s famous department store behemoth, ‘Harrods’. It is easy to see where the comparison stems from but the Berlin establishment feels slightly different. It is a less formal affair, which helps people feel more comfortable, but without necessarily sacrificing the luxury aspect of the shopping experience. Besides the huge selection of retail stores, the mall is home to an incredible food court where visitors are able to experience fantastic food ranging from excellent local produce to bakeries and fine alcoholic beverages.

21_Accessories_The Loft_02

KaDeWe - Das Apartment - Sommer 2015

KaDeWe - Das Apartment - Sommer 2015

Shoppers are treated to an immense selection of brands, showcasing a catalogue that ranges from quality local brands to international household names. If you were to try and experience every item in the store, it would take weeks just to get a comprehensive view!

KaDeWe is not only a destination for the locals; tourists love to travel to this mall and get lost in the marvellous settings.


KaDeWe - NEW BURGER - 6. Etage

Although the tantalizing selection of shops is extremely popular, a lot of people will simply visit KaDeWe on the basis of its renowned dining section. As already mentioned, the food court is truly word-class and includes a selection of fine produce which exemplifies the German culture of quality raw ingredients.

Deli meats, fish, desserts, cakes, gourmet liquors, chocolate, wine and sandwiches are prepared and served by highly experienced and friendly staff every single day. In spite of the crowds and the busy setting of a shopping mall environment, the atmosphere feels relaxing and personal, and the area affords the possibility to take a break and properly enjoy a good meal.

If you are looking for more than just an excellent meal on the go, KaDeWe is a great place to purchase unique, organic produce and food ingredients of the freshest, highest quality. So you can now take some of this unique experience away with you!

KaDeWe - Inhouse - Luxus-Multilabelflächen

But it isn’t just about the food either: KaDeWe is a fashionista’s paradise with a vast select of clothing, including top designers and best-selling cosmetics. Moreover, you’ll also find media and electronics, kitchenware, furniture, contemporary design products and high-end home decorations.

Why visit this department store? It is very easy to summarize in a single sentence: If you are looking for the ultimate luxury shopping experience in continental Europe while having a great meal in the process, look no further than KaDeWe – one of Berlin’s must-not-miss attractions.

Kadewe - Personal-Shopping-Room (VIP-Lounge) - 5.OG -17.01.2014

Kadewe - Personal-Shopping-Room (VIP-Lounge) - 5.OG -17.01.2014

This department store is packed full of history and boasts over 100 years of trading. The building and its features are an extension of its character and soul. It makes for a truly unique shopping experience which extends far beyond just the great selection of products and food.

KaDeWe is very accessible and well connected, making it one of the top shopping destinations in the German capital. It is very easy to get there by taking the U-Bahn and the closest stop is Wittenbergplatz on the U2 line.

Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin
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