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Spice up your stay in magnificent London and delight in a blissful experience for all senses with an accommodation recommendation that goes beyond the usual stuff. Evade the classic barriers of comfort and elegance and you will reach a happier and more entertaining visit in the British capital. While there are certainly many places to sleep, eat and everything in between while traveling to London, few of them break the monotony and offer something different.
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This is where K West Hotel & Spa excels and its guests can attest to the hip and joyful atmosphere of the place. Located in a former BBC recording studio, the hotel is brimming with charm and uniqueness, as well as reminders of the music legends that have passed by, all while offering a modern and edgy experience. Located in a pleasant part of London, K West Hotel & Spa has all the advantages to make anyone stay a little bit longer.

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Its splendid history as a music recording studio, makes it the perfect destination for artists of all kinds looking for the best modern services, but without all the rules and etiquette that most boutique hotels nowadays exhibit. The magic of the hotel has its roots in the beautiful rooms, over 200 of them boasting an area larger than most other accommodation options in London. The rooms and especially the suites exhibit a hip design and modern equipment, trendy additions and bright colors, making the stay that much better for anyone. Apart from their sheer size, the rooms also feature Bose sound systems, so the guests can relive the history and enter the shoes of great music legends. Apart from all the walls and beds, the true soul of K West Hotel & Spa is its employees and staff, praised by all guests and exceptionally recommended for their friendliness and efficiency.

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K-West Spa

The whole experience of staying at K West Hotel & Spa is heightened by several other details that are worth mentioning, like the minimalist Kanteen restaurant, a cool and delightful place to be, where a renowned chef creates almost magical healthy recipes and menus. With a touch of sophistication and featuring an edgy approach, the restaurant, as well as the chilled K Lounge, are perfect for guests who are looking to lay back and taste the best food and drinks. Other highlights of K West Hotel & Spa in London include the modern fitness and gym facilities, as well as the enchanting K Spa, where professional staff ensure the wellbeing and relaxation of the visitors.

Overall, K West is a unique destination, a luxury boutique hotel with a charming history and what seems to be a bright future.

K West Hotel & Spa
Richmond Way, London W14 0AX
Tel: +44(0)20 8008 6600
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