K-SPA London – a unique experience

For the ultimate experience in wellbeing of the body and soul, there is only one heavenly place in London. At the heart of the luxurious and prestigious K West Hotel & Spa, K Spa goes beyond the usual treatments and offers something so pure and relaxing that you might even feel sad upon leaving. For one, I know that I wanted my treatment to never end, so strong and pleasant was the feeling I got upon receiving my personalized skin treatment from my expert therapist Lucicia.

K-West Spa

Everything is top notch from start to finish upon entering this prestigious establishment, from the organic hand-made infusion I received in the waiting room, to the personal care of the staff and the overall feeling of pampering and indulgence. Reflecting the holistic approach to health therapy of K Spa, each individual is treated differently according to their special physical and mental needs.

K Spa Treatment Room, K West Hotel & Spa-s

My experience was pure bliss from start to finish when testing the most stupendous facial treatment called “Ultimate Aromatherapy Facial”. I was also overwhelmed by the care and attention of Lucia throughout the entire process. After adapting the entire treatment to my special needs and allergies, the therapy started with a double cleansing of the skin. It continued with a refreshing exfoliating cream and peeling mask, and finished with a moisturizing cream and serum to completely hydrate and protect the skin. All this heavenly therapy took place in the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible, with soothing music and a lavish heated bed, all while receiving the most pleasant massage possible. But as all good things must sadly come to an end, I was led to the relaxing room, where I could listen to the calming sound of the water fountain and eat some healthy fruits. The rest of K Spa can be discovered for those who truly wish to break the boundaries of well-being.

K-West Spa

Hydrotherapy Pool - K Spa-s

There are many amazing things to discover inside the K Spa, including some revolutionary and innovative health treatments and therapies. Unique to the scene of London, the Snow Paradise is truly fascinating, a room with -15ºC that simulates an icy climate for a cooling therapy that is set to increase blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. There are also some amazing Scandinavian saunas and a hammam, a scented sanarium and many more rooms offering the maximum level of satisfaction. I truly felt like a complete new person upon visiting K Spa and I bet thousands of other guests felt the same way. The magnificent Sun Meadow is another signature room of the spa, where one could simply relax in this Zen-like atmosphere. I could go on forever about the countless fascinating attributes of visiting this prestigious spa in the heart of London, but one has to experience it first-hand.

K-Spa at K-West hotel & Spa London
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