Introducing Charterscanner : Changing the face of Private Jet Booking System

One of the setbacks experienced by travelers usually revolves around finding flight deals that suit their taste and come at reasonable prices. For travelers with a higher taste for traveling in style, using a private jet affords them the opportunity to have the true luxurious travel experience. There are a number of private jet charter services but using them comes with additional charges such as broker fees, and this leads to an increase in price and sometimes makes the booking system tedious.


Charterscanner was founded to address these challenges and offer both service providers and users an improved private jet booking experience. The founders, Vladislav Zenov and Wagas Ali, an aviation guru and a technology entrepreneur, respectively, founded Charterscanner with the vision of unifying and improving the quality of service gotten from the private aviation industry.
It is best described as an innovative solution for private jet charter that is transparent and simple, operating on a zero-commission and broker-free system.

Charter-scanner-Interior of-Ultra_Large_Aircraft_Cabin

What are the advantages of Charterscanner ?

Bridging the gap between Private Jet operators and their clients

Charterscanner functions without agents and brokers; thus making it possible for clients to relate directly with the private jet operator and vice versa. And, it is the only private jet booking system with this feature. The booking system and app is free to use, and clients can get their flight quotes directly from the operator, without having to pay any commission in addition to the cost of the flight.

Provides clients with greater power to choose

Charterscanner currently provides flight quotes from over 300 operators and 3,500 private aircrafts, and more services are being added. This means that clients have access to information with which to make the best choice that suits their distinct needs. With Charterscanner, the client is able to view several competing prices at their convenience.

Ensures privacy and confidentiality of client information

Charterscanner ensures the privacy of all clients are maintained at the highest levels possible. Thus, any information submitted in the course of using Charterscanner, is treated as confidential and this information will only be submitted to the operator when the client selects a charter quote of their choice from the available options. Therefore, Charterscanner provides a great travel booking alternative for all categories of high-profile clientele.

Transparency Assured !

With Charterscanner, there are no commissions or transaction fees unlike other private jet charter services. This ensures that clients have access to the direct and actual prices of flights. The booking process has never been this transparent!



The Charterscanner interface is very easy to navigate and involves the following steps:
1. Client requests quotes
2. The request is automatically relayed to several operators, but the client’s details are withheld.
3. Operators provide results; this takes less than 10 minutes.
4. Clients make their choice and book.


Alternatively, clients can also go through Charterscanner’s interface to book directly with the operator, at no extra cost.
Also, clients can use Charterscanner Assist to book their flights. This service is provided to clients to help them have more personalized travel experiences at an extra cost: If a charter is less than €10,000, the charge would be €350 and it would cost €490 if the charter exceeds €10,000.
All requests, quotes, are supervised by professional customer care personnel who also provides support throughout the booking and flight confirmation process.

With this innovative solution, the private jet reservation process just got a whole lot easier. Clients would get better prices and operators will have the chance to reach an international client base and also have reduced marketing costs.

According to Vladislav Zenov, the CEO and Co-Founder of Charterscanner, “Charterscanner represents the new generation in private jet charter. Our service connects operators with passengers like never before, removing hidden costs, convoluted booking processes, and inflexible services.”

Flights can be booked through Charterscanner by visiting or the Charterscanner app can be downloaded by searching the App Store for ‘Charterscanner.’