Hotel de l’ Europe Avignon

Thinking about France, there are thousands of reasons to visit the country that come to mind, including its amazingly precious art, the fabulous castles and mansions, the rolling green hills and tall mountain slopes, the magnificent cities and charming villages, the refined cuisine and enticing wine, as well as many other mental pictures that cannot be overlooked. France is also the definition of luxury and there are countless places where one can experience the suave experience of the high class French lifestyle. An amazing and deeply rewarding destination is the magical city of Avignon in southeastern part of the country, close to the Mediterranean coast. Famous as the City of Popes, Avignon is a treasure of exquisite sites and landmarks, much of the city being like an open air museum, with several World Heritage Sites.


A deeply authentic French city, Avignon offers sights as the impressive palace of the popes, the old centre, the Avignon Bridge, as well as many other attractions, including a world famous festival. While visiting this charming city, there are many accommodation options, but none can compete with the luxury and elegance of the prestigious Hotel d’Europe, located in the heart of the city, just outside the city walls and close to all the important attractions. This residence bears a great name in the history of the city, being almost 500 years old and serving as the residence of Marquis de Graveson for a long period of time. Opened as a hotel more than 200 years ago, the name was an inspiration from Napoleon himself, gaining its eternal fame. Over the course of the years, many celebrities have stayed here, including royalty and famous writers, making it more than just an accommodation, a place to discover the past of Avignon and the beginning of tourism in France.


Hôtel d'Europe, Avignon (84)

Speaking about the hotel itself, one word could describe it best and that is exquisite, from the look of the exterior, to the rooms, restaurants and other facilities, all the way to the impeccable service, all fit for the most refined tastes. The five star luxury Hotel d’Europe features 39 rooms and 5 luxury suites. All these rooms and suites feature elegant design and amenities, with period antiques and modern elegance combined to offer a unique atmosphere. For a complete experience, the restaurant of the hotel continues through the same line, providing a unique immersion into the deeply traditional French cuisine, with delicious and enticing recipes created by the resident chef. The bar is also an elegant space, offering a pleasant and welcoming meeting place. These are just some of the amazing features that Hotel d’Europe has to offer to those that wish to discover and experience Avignon in style and comfort.

12 Place Crillon
84000 Avignon