Hotel Chateaubriand – a top choice in Paris

The Hotel Chateaubriand is located just 5 minutes from Champs-Élysées in one of the most charming and popular districts of Paris. It is also one of the city’s most esteemed luxury boutique hotels and a member of the Chateaux & Hotels Collection.

It offers a truly unique experience with its own blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary comforts. The decor features many antiques worthy of a museum dating back to the 18th and 19th century, all of which gives a feeling of French luxury and charm. Each piece of artwork and every little corner have their own story to tell and it is this that gives the hotel its incredible character and personality.

Hotel Chateaubriand Chambre @ChateauxetHotelsCollection (2)

As a guest, you’ll feel at home from the moment you walk through its doors. The charismatic and hospitable owner, Romain Rio, has put his time and passion into this hotel. From personally researching the antiques and decor through to ensuring the best possible service, this establishment is clearly a part of this man’s soul and a huge labour of love! The passion emanating from every corner of this boutique hotel is truly remarkable.

Hotel Chateaubriand Chambre superieure @ChateauxetHotelsCollection (2)

Hotel Chateaubriand Chambre superieure @ChateauxetHotelsCollection (1)

Each room stands out on its own. Distinctive features and fine details add character to every room in the establishment, not to mention the common areas such as the stunning lobby and the classy breakfast salon, for example.

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The ageless charm and appeal of the antiques and the other works of art defines the aesthetics of the hotel and is complemented by the staff’s excellence and professionalism. Between them, they can accommodate guests in up to 7 different languages, while providing assistance on many different levels. Most importantly, the atmosphere is elegant and discreet, and this is probably the reason why the hotel is a first choice for many of its more famous guests.

With it being so close to the well-connected Champs Elysees, the hotel serves as a practical and versatile gateway to the rest of the city. All of the major attractions and professional districts are within easy reach, which makes this hotel the perfect choice for enjoying a relaxing vacation in the French capital or for visits purely on business.

Everything at the Hotel Chateaubriand is of a world-class standard and that includes the breakfast. With fragrant croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice and mouth-watering crepes, the hotel offers the ‘best of the best’ in continental breakfasts, while there is also enough variety to satisfy even the most demanding and discerning amongst them.

The hotel is a perfect example of how excellence can be achieved through staff and management being not only knowledgeable and hard-working, but also passionate about what they do. The staff at the Hotel Chateaubriand collaborate in a seemingly effortlessly way to create an authentic and comfortable atmosphere. It is very typical of the discreet and elegant brand of luxury afforded by this particular establishment, in the very heart of Paris.

Hotel Chateaubriand, as menber of Chateaux & Hotels Collection stands out, not just as one of the top luxury hotels in Paris, but for its incredible individuality. A stay in one of its opulent rooms will transport you back in time to one of the most sophisticated spots in Paris during the golden age when writers, artists and celebrities would frequent hotels, bars, cafes and lounges of similar style and decor.

It is the perfect Paris getaway for clients who not only seek excellence in quality and service, but also want culture, history and a great story to take home with them.

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Hotel Chateaubriand
6 Rue Châteaubriand
75008 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 40 76 00 50