Gramm Brussels Simplicity and high quality ingredients merged in an outstanding restaurant

Sometimes, the best dishes are the ones that have a simple appearance, using instead outstanding ingredients that match perfectly. When a talented chef makes sure that the ingredients used are of the highest quality and matches flavors that create a pleasant explosion of tastes in your mouth, he hit the jackpot. I am going to tell you about my extraordinary and surprising experienced I had at Gramm, an exceptional restaurant in Brussels. Located on the Rue de Flandre, on the Flemish speaking part of Brussels, it is quite popular among local people. Once you try the dishes served here you will understand why.

GRAMM Brussels Belgium

restaurant Gramm Brussels

If you are not in the mood for a crowded restaurant, you will find the atmosphere at Gramm more welcoming, intimate, and cozy. This is because it is a small restaurant, which focuses on quality rather than on quantity. It is practically as large as a generous room, with dim lights, and small tables aligned near a wall. It is the perfect environment to savor the delightful food served on your plate. For my dinner, I decided to opt for their 6 courses menu wine pairing, which cost 85 euro, . Even from the first dish I was blown away by the cooking style of the chef. It was like nothing I ever experienced or tasted before, but it was all done so well. I knew right away that the chef must have a native talent for this.

Gramm foodie food Brussels Belgium

Gramm foodie place Brussels

I eventually found out that the chef was Erwan Kenzo Nakata, half-Japanese and half-British, who is self-taught and extremely dedicated to his passion for cooking. Sometimes, you don’t need highly trained chefs to produce wonderful dishes, this chef being the perfect example that could support this fact. He used a “bistronomic” formula to prepare the served dishes, which is not only contemporary but also done in an excellent manner.

Gramm chef Kenzo Nakata

Gramm chef Kenzo Nakata Brussels Belgium

There were no frills or unnecessary pretension on the plates, just the best ingredients mixed in mouthwatering dishes. The presentation was simple, with no fluff, allowing the eyes to feast on every ingredient aside, anticipating the incredible flavors you were about to experience. The entire dinner was an amazing and inventive Eurasian cuisine, which exceeded all my expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future, Chef Erwan Kenzo Nakata will win, with Gramm, a Michelin star.

GRAMM Kenzo Nakata desert

Kenzo Nakata at Gramm brussels

Concerning the wines served to pair with each dishes, they were incredible, and would have made any foodie believe that this was heaven, like this called Emilie Romagne, and it was a natural wine, without being spoiled by any chemical process. It contained pure grape juice and went through a minimum winemaking process. It was definitely something that I never tasted before in my life. Dining at the Gramm was definitely an experience I will never forget, due to the extremely delicious and top notch fusion dishes I enjoyed here. And I am sure that this experience was not influenced by the organic wines served here, as the food is for sure something my taste buds will remember.

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