Getting to know Rianna + Nina fashion brand label in Berlin

Berlin is known as one of the best fashion hubs in Europe, attracting designers that find here inspiration, sources for their creations, and a background that allows them to grow and thrive. The same happened with one of the founders of the Rianna + Nina brand, Rianna Nektaria Kounou, who is a talented fashion designer with Greek origins. Rianna started her career in Athens, Greece, where she opened her first vintage boutique in 1987. Having education in the costume design sector, it wasn’t long until Rianna managed to attract the attention of Greeks that wanted to wear something special, something unique. Called “Berlin”, her first shop offered pieces of the highest quality and authenticity, being for two decades in a row the most iconic designer in the country when it came to gorgeous fashion items. Everybody, starting with magazines and going to celebrities, wanted to enjoy her creativity and unique vision, and Rianna always managed to surprise each and every one of her clients.


But, in 2009, Rianna decided to follow her dream and moved to Berlin, with her entire family. Here, she opened the “Rianna in Berlin” boutique, which rapidly captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts, due to the rare pieces that could be found at her location. Rianna met Nina Kuhn by accident, at a vintage furniture fair, where the two realized the fact that they shared so many things in common, including their passion for vintage designs and fabrics. Nina is the other bright mind behind the Rianna + Nina brand, born near Frankfurt, Germany, and specialized in PR and communication. Attracted by bright colors, Nina always had the dream of working in the fashion domain, a dream that came true when she became the PR specialist for a number of luxury brands, such as Cartier and Etro. But, in 2014, together with Rianna, Nina started her own venture, as the two of them created Rianna + Nina brand and the “Cabinet de Curiosités” boutique in Berlin.




What can you find in the Rianna + Nina boutiques? The brand’s fashion items are bold and very colorful, inspiring joy, the love for life, but also making a statement at the same time. It is the place where you will find unique pieces, like kimonos and flared pants, made out of silk and with bright colors and prints. But, it is also the place for pret-a-porter pieces, made by some of the most skilled and talented tailors in Berlin. It is worth mentioning that Rianna + Nina can be found not just in Berlin, but also Capri and Mykonos, two destinations in Greece, while being permanent presences in well-known retails such as Moda Operandi, Joyce HK, Brown’s London, and Kadewe Berlin.



Last year, the brand released a new collection, called “It’s all Greek to me”. The collection makes references to the Greek origins of Rianna, something that constantly inspired her during her creational processes. The items that compose this collection are an impressive and surprising mix of traditional Greek prints and the bold colors that made the brand famous, being something else in the fashion background of the world. The collection was introduced to the audience for the first time during the Berlin Fashion Week, which took place in June 2017, being extremely well received even by the critics. So, when will the collection be available? Well, keep your eyes peeled as it is expected to come out in the first part of 2018.

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Photo credit for the portrait photo of Rianna and Nina : Julia Zierer