Galeries Lafayette Berlin french touch with a Berlin style

If you love French art and fashion, you will definitely be able to find it at the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. It is true that the galleries are smaller than the famous Paris department, but they will offer you products and items that you won’t find at Paris. This happens due to the hard work of Galeries Lafayette’s purchasing teams, which make sure that the merchandise available at the Galeries Lafayette does not exist anywhere else. Thus, most certainly you will enjoy an unforgettable experience here, an embodiment of French culture in the heart of Berlin, just in case you missed Paris and French fashion and brands.


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Located on Friedrichstrasse, in the Mitte district, a historic corner of Berlin, Galeries Lafayette is considered as being a small fragment of Paris in Germany. It is easy to tell that mostly everything you will find in this shopping center has French origins, so the place is ideal both for connoisseurs, who wish to remember the last visit in Paris, and curious, who would like to know what is like to be in Paris. What can you find here? Items made by the most famous French designers, like clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, will be available at these galleries. Brands like Cacharel, Ferragamo, Mulberry, Moncler, and others, spoil any fashion enthusiast that arrives at the location. Also, there are 8 VIP shopper assistants that will make sure that you’ll have an unforgettable experience in the galleries and that you will find everything you need in nice VIP room with a glass of French champaign. You can even contact them before you even arrive in Berlin, to make sure that you will have one with a preselection done according to what you want and your style.


Besides stores with fashion items, you will find stores that provide the finest perfumes and cosmetics. It is well known the fact that the French are experts when it comes to perfumes, beauty and cosmetic products, some of the world’s most famous brands coming from France. So, if you prefer using such brands, you will love what you will find at this shopping center. And, most certainly you won’t remain indifferent at the stunning architecture of the place.


From the outside, the Galeries Lafayette will appear as a modern structure, being made out of metal frames and glass walls. On the inside, there will be more glass supporting its transparent structure. Glass cones, windows, doors, everything makes you feel like being in an enormous open space, where a miniature Tour Eiffel was incorporated as well. Jean Nouvel is the architect that made all this possible, so even the spectacular architecture of this shopping center is French, for an authentic experience.



It is worth mentioning the fact that there is a gourmet floor, the place any foodie will love being without a doubt. Here you will be able to find premium meats, wines from import, exotic foods, and various French delicacies, including the famous macaroons of Frédéric Cassel. So, you may very well appreciate a change of environment when it comes to shopping and spending your free time in Berlin, enjoying something else than you may usually find in any other large store or shopping center. As a matter of fact, even the inhabitants of Berlin enjoy the presence of the Galeries Lafayette, many famous people living in the city preferring to shop here, regardless if they miss their time spent in Paris or they just enjoy pure French products.

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