Fauchon the gourmet reference in Paris


FAUCHON MadeleineWhere else could someone find the very definition of art in gastronomy and cuisine if not in Paris, where everything comes together to form one of the most unforgettable and amazing experiences for any traveler. Paris is at the core one of the most elegant and sophisticated cities in the world, with an almost infinite variety of sights, flavors and aromas, being a veritable Mecca for the above the average gourmand visitor. Among the hundreds of places that make the city one of the cuisine capitals of the world, stands a symbol of this domain, the Fauchon pastry and grocery store. Represented by its long tradition, this brand began almost 130 years ago, as a small street stand with fresh fruits and vegetables from the best suppliers in France.




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Always growing and perfecting the art of selling gourmet produce, reaching an International fame through their attention to detail and high class services. The Fauchon store in the Place de la Madeleine defines the Parisian high class love for fine food. Although their first store remains at the heart of the entire concept, the brand has now expanded internationally, with stores around the Globe. Along the centuries, Fauchon has supplied the upper class of the city with the highest quality goods, from tea to desserts and from foie gras to exotic seafood. One thing has remained the same through its history, the careful attention to provide the ultimate quality to its customers, everything with a unique touch of refinement and class. For those that wish to enter an authentic and exquisite gourmet miniature world in Paris, the Fauchon in Place de la Madeleine is definitely a perfect choice.

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At the very heart of the brand stands the tea, as the name is practically synonym with this product and one of its biggest influencers in Paris. With a tradition that goes back for decades, with the opening of the first tea salon in the city, Fauchon has introduced hundreds of specific flavors and innovations in this domain. Today, the stores sell a variety of luxury merchandise, a visit inside being a real treat for the eyes and the soul. From chocolate and sweets to colorful macarons, from tea to savory delicacies and from the best foie gras to wines and others, everything is prepared to dazzle and inspire. Whether just to feast your eyes and senses, buy something unique or search for a delicious present, the Fauchon in Paris is unique luxury destination.

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