Fancy a deluxe treat? There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than a bottle of Maotai at Royal China Restaurants!

Enjoy luxury the Chinese way with a premium bottle of Maotai, a prized traditional mainstay at celebrations, banquets and business meetings.

This highly alcoholic spirit is the product of experienced craftsmen who follow a very peculiar distillation processes. This particular alcoholic beverage enjoys a long history of Excellency, as its recipe has been perfected from generation to generation. The most distinctive ingredient of Maotai is Sorghum, Chinese Grass, which undergoes several stages of fermentation in order to create Maotai’s distinctive flavour and gentle soy-laced aroma.

The fermentation process is actually known to produce such a strong scent that the odour can be acknowledged throughout the entire town that gives the name to the drink!

You can now enjoy this fine delicacy at the price of £280 per bottle – available at select Royal China restaurants throughout London.

About Royal China: The Royal China Group features six of London’s best Chinese restaurants. We pride ourselves of bringing authentic food culture and a luxurious environment for the perfect dining experience. Our restaurants include the “Royal China Club”, praised by customers and critics alike. More info on their website.