Experience the unique settings of the Montreux Riviera

The Montreux Riviera is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland, and it is a truly diverse and distinctive place that embodies the uncommonly eclectic cultural background of the country of Switzerland. The area attracts visitors with its focus on art, music, culture, history and entertainment, offering a wide variety of events, attractions and things to do.

hippocampe vevey sunset 2016

(c)Aziz Boussalem

If you are interested in a taste of local history, the Montreux region is home to many castles and constructions dating back to the Middle Ages, where noblemen and knights came home boasting of riches and newly acquired prestige after fighting the Crusades. Such castles include the Chatelard castle, dating back to the 1400s, as well as the Blonay Castle, built before the 1200s. Such a strong cultural and historical background is deeply embedded within the charming local spirit. Nature, much like history, is another large, important aspect of this area, as it led to its prestige and the blossoming of a wealthy, prosperous community. From the mountains to the beautiful valleys and the lakeside, the diverse natural environments also allowed the local cuisine to develop in a diverse and eclectic way. Modern Swiss cuisine is particularly well known for its way to bridge the gaps between timeless food traditions and innovative approaches to taste pairing and execution. Nearby lakes, such as the famous Lake Geneva, as well as the beautiful Leman Lake, aren’t only great places to visit for their sheer and stunning beauty—the area is littered with excellent fine dining resources that blend a fresh and world-class approach to fine dining with the timeless values of local traditions. The long history with this area and quality food is also documented within “The Alimentarium”, a food museum that offers interesting insights into the local food culture and beyond.

As mentioned earlier, the Montreux Riviera is always busy with quality events and tourist attractions, with a particular focus on arts and entertainment. First and foremost, it is impossible not to mention the historical Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the most prestigious concert events in the whole world. Extending far from its strictly jazz origins, the stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival has seen performances from some of the world’s most influential musicians, including the late David Bowie, Deep Purple, Herbie Hancock, Bjork, Phil Collins, Sting and many more, who contributed to the long and prestigious history of one of the most defining musical events in Europe and in the whole world.

Statue Charlie Chaplin 2008


The connection between global artistic talent and the area does not end here. Celebrated movie actor, Charlie Chaplin, who actually redefined the art of acting for film, spent the late years of his life right here, having acquired a beautiful mansion in the town of Vevey. His former home has recently been turned into “Chaplin’s World”, a museum dedicated to the work, life and celebration of Chaplin and his films.

The Montreux Riviera is not just a great destination for lovers of the fine arts; sport fans and outdoor aficionados will absolutely love this place. Mountain climbing, trekking and excursion, as well as watersports by the lakes are some of the many possible activities that can be performed in close contact with the extremely beautiful and untouched natural surroundings of the area. Excursions higher up on the mountain tops are also made possible via some truly unique funicular rides that allow people to quickly and easily make their way up to the most charming Swiss altitude—the ultimate places to enjoy a perfect view and panorama that you will surely remember for the rest of your life.

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