Do a Spa in New York at Trump Soho Hotel Spa

Among the greatest spa destinations of New York, there is one that has made a lasting impression and will continue to awe for as long as I will visit it. The Spa at Trump located inside the Trump SoHo New York Hotel is one of the most inspiring and rewarding spa experiences for anyone staying in the Big Apple. Designed in every little detail and filled with all the imaginable details to take its guests into a world of dream and relaxation, the Spa at Trump features an exquisite Middle Eastern design and atmosphere. All this while offering the latest treatments and pampering. The spa takes up the 7th and 8th floors of the Trump SoHo tower, displaying all its magnificence on 11,000 square foot and makes a bold statement right from the entry, with the oriental fountain and gateway. Right before stepping inside the spa, guests must specify their “Trump Personal Intention”, meaning a choice between calmness, balance, purification, healing or revitalization.


This amazing concept is quite innovative and inciting, affecting the rest of the spa experience. The true star of this Turkish inspired spa destination seems to be the authentic hammam, where I personally felt most relaxed, inside the beautifully decorated mosaic rooms. Inside this steam room, one can really feel the cleansing and detoxifying treatment and you get to truly achieve a deeper state of calmness and balance. The personal intention choice affects the colored gemstones that are placed near the treatment table and this quite a nice touch. While I was sweating out from the steam inside the hammam and feeling the toxins being eliminated, the personal attendant was scrubbing and washing away the exfoliating skin, a deeply rejuvenating sensation took over the entire body.


Right after the hammam treatment was over, I headed towards the massage area for an active energizing and rejuvenating treatment. At the Spa at Trump, I got one of the best Turkish style massages of my life, all while listening to deeply relaxing music and being surrounded by heavenly oriental aromas. Lastly, I went through a very relaxing and rewarding facial treatment, meant to clarify and detoxify the skin, all while rejuvenating and replenishing the energy. The Spa at SoHo has several other treatments and wonderful area, starting with the body glow scrub, the herbal wrap, make-up and manicure service, sauna and much more, so I will make sure to visit this amazing establishment in the future. All in all, this was one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience I ever tried and everything from the luxurious design and amenities, friendly but professional staff, great peaceful atmosphere and diverse range of choices, made for a great spa destination.

246 Spring St NY 10013
+1 212-842-5500