Discover fashion designers and leather craft in Brussels

If you ever see on the tag of products written “Made in Belgium”, you can know for sure that you got a high-quality product. In fact, you may even travel to Belgium if you want to make sure that the products are authentic, as there are designers that offer products in limited editions. The best way to shop these products is to plan a city trip to Brussels. All these designers work in small series and all the products they make are available in Belgium only. If you will continue reading the article, you will find out about 3 top designers in Brussels that do not compromise quality for quantity, respecting the principles mentioned earlier. Still, do have in mind that you won’t have to roam the entire Belgium. Being in Brussels is enough to discover the best fashion designers and leather crafts in the country. The city is among the top cities in Europe for quality fashion and design.

Conni Kaminski – a talented fashion designer

Conni Kaminski is a Belgian designer that was born in Germany. She started her own label of clothes back in 2005, in Brussels. Conni is known for her collections of women clothing that are feminine and elegant.

Conni Kaminski fashion designer Brussels

Conni Kaminski fashion design Belgium Brussels

Even though everything is produced in Brussels, she enjoys the attention of clients from around the world, selling items from her collections not only in Belgium, but also in other countries as well. After two years of activity, in 2007, she manages to open a small studio boutique, in the historic center of Brussels, to sell her masterpieces. Conni’s studio is located at the same place. The shop is also a display of her collections, still being the place where you can see and buy clothes created by her.

Discover the new collection of Conni Kaminski

Benoit Parotte – ready to wear for men and women in a tailor style

Parotte.b, the brand created by Benoit Parrote, brings clothing items that are perfectly cut and have an outstanding quality. The creator of these clothes has an incredible eye for details, not settling for less and always making sure that the highest standards are reached.

Benoit Parotte fashion designer Brussels

Benoit Parotte collection fashion design Belgium Brussels

Clothing items that are genuine Belgian production, the products are an entwining between British tailoring methods, details inspired from contemporary art and some taken from the personal traveling experience of Benoit Parotte. The collection created by Parrote is “prêt à porter”, which means ready to wear, and can be found at his shop in Brussels historical center.

Benoit Parotte website for more infos and adress

Niyona – products and design studio with a focus on leather

In the opinion of some, leather is not such a sophisticated material. But, in the right hands, this material can turn into amazing products. This design studio that is destined to make leather products was founded in 2010 by Nina Bodenhorst, a leather craftsperson and industrial designer.

Niyona Brussels leather design studio

Niyona Brussels design Belgium

She also collaborated with Jonathan Wieme, the executive produced of the Niyona brand. The studio is very sensitive when it comes to the needs and requirements of their clients, striving to meet the demands by outstanding products. Niyona also collaborated with restaurants, famous luxury brands, and people that know to recognize fine quality when they see it.

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