Dinner experience at Hunter 486

I discovered Hunter 486 Restaurant as I was staying at The Arch Hotel, in London, with my wife. The hotel itself is a great place to try for finding a comfortable, luxurious, and intimate place to stay in London. In comparison with other hotels in London, The Arch hotel is a private business, owned by a family, so you will enjoy feeling at home while staying here. So, since we stayed at The Arch, we diced to try the hotel’s restaurant. Designed and decorated with style, Hunter 486 is among the best restaurant in London where you can serve dinner in a private and calm atmosphere. If you want to end the day quietly and pleasantly while enjoying exceptional food, this is the restaurant you must try.


From the moment I stepped into the restaurant, it was clear to see that it was made by following the same high standards as the hotel. The deco was exquisite and elegant, plus the restaurant can provide an alcove where you can enjoy your dinner without being bothered by anyone. The Arch is used to having famous guests, so the alcove is their way of making sure that their VIP guests have the best experience. What kind of food is served at Hunter 486 ?


The focus of the restaurant’s chef is the authentic British food, made with locally-sourced British products of the highest quality. The wine selection of the restaurant is also impressive. So, to open our evening properly, we chose a fine South African white wine, the Kleine Zalze Chardonnay 2017. The aroma and pleasant flavor of this wine can be easily paired with seafood and lamb, complimenting and underlining the flavors of this type of food.



As an appetizer, I went for the pan-fried chicken livers on sourdough toast, peas, smoked bacon, and mint. The food was perfectly cooked, tasty, and very light, a real pleasure to enjoy. My wife tried the seasonal Dressed Dorset crab, with avocado and pink grapefruit, which was very refreshing and tasty as well. The appetizers were flavorful and enough just to open our appetite.



We then proceeded to the main course, which, for me, was Roast Rack of English lamb, crushed Jersey Royals, baby vegetables, and herb broth. The idea was very interesting, even though the broth lacked more spices, as it could have been posher when it comes to flavor. Still, the lamb was cooked perfect, medium-rare, just as I like it. My wife enjoyed a dish of Roast Norfolk Black chicken, potato gnocchi, spring vegetables, girolles, and tarragon velouté, which had a pleasant flavor and was made with a nice twist. In these dishes, I could see that the chef had great respect for the seasonal produces in the UK, which is great when it comes to food that is full of flavor.




For dessert, I had Buttermilk pannacotta, poached Yorkshire rhubarb, and brandy snaps. If you ask me, rhubarb is a great product, which is often disregarded by many chefs. Believe me, it was delicious and managed to bring back fragments of my childhood. I simply loved it, so the chef also proposed to try the exquisite Lemon posset, berry compote, sesame and poppy seed biscuit as well. This was another dessert that can make you die of pleasure. My wife chose Chocolate fondant and salted caramel ice cream. This is a very pleasant dessert, but too classical if you ask me. Still, it was a great choice to end such an amazing dinner. I do not regret choosing to dine at Hunter 486, as the restaurant is capable of providing outstanding food, flawless services, and an ideal atmosphere for dinner.

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Photos credits : The Arch and Luxury Travelers Guide