Concept room ORIGINE : Energy efficient, Biosourced and Revitalizing

The world around us changes and so is the hotel industry. In a few years, we will start seeing hotel rooms that are very different from the ones we know and use today. What will make the difference between the new and the old? The new hotel rooms will be created to respect the sustainable development, well-being, and innovation. Such a hotel room is promising to appear quite soon, under the name of ORIGINE. The concept desires to go back to the fundamentals of a hotel room, while offering an outstanding experience. The idea is a very intriguing one and it seems to fit very well in our near future.

origine concept Room  Delporte Hospitality

Of course, ORIGINE is still a prototype room for hotels, which includes a bathroom as well, both of them integrating standards representative for a sustainable development, while incorporating the latest technology. To understand what such a room will offer, let us ask ourselves what is the purpose of a hotel room? Hotel rooms were created to offer travelers the chance to rest, sleep, refresh themselves, and to have where to eat and sleep. These are practically the most basic needs of a person, the minimum requirements of a decent life, when you are away from home. Still, a concept room like ORIGINE will take all of these to a new level. After such a room will be released, travelers will definitely change their perspective about hotel accommodation.

Concept hospitality room origine

pillow Origine

Such a room will provide the first 99% natural beds in the industry, with ecological bed sheets as well. Also, the light in the room will automatically reduce at night, preparing your brain for a relaxing sleep. The pillows will also be natural and adapted to your style of sleeping. There will also be a pillow created for reading or working on the bed.

origine room shower

The shower in such a room will be similar to standing outside in the rain, with the right temperature, and a foot spa will be ready to help you calm down tired feet as well. There will be a fountain with purified water inside the room, allowing you to enjoy all the clean water you need, without the presence of plastic recipients. Also, a robot will bring you any beverages you wish, without the need to have a bar inside the room. The food served through room services will be organic food, adjusted to the dietary needs of the person.

Origine new hotel  room concept

Besides these outstanding conditions, the ORIGINE is also energy efficient. It uses solar energy for it energetic needs, while also tracking how much energy is being consumed in the room. To reduce the consumption of energy, water, and paper, the toilets will be automatic as well. The quality of the air is monitored too, so you can breathe better. The CO2 activity is being tracked and all the cleaning products used for maintain the room clean will be eco-friendly and used in a thoughtful manner. Practically, the entire room will be made out of natural materials, from floor to ceiling, which will create a safe and healthy environment within the room. The ORIGINE room has all the features of a future hotel room that will definitely offer something new, being much more careful when it comes to your health and wellbeing, and the care towards our environment.

This room, initially conceived by DELPORTE Hospitality, will be designed by AW², an international architecture and interior design agency led by architect partners Réda Amadou and Stéphanie Ledoux.

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photos crédits: Stéphane Michaux