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Sailing a Kavas Yachting catamaran around the Greek islands and Saronic Gulf is something that needs to be experienced in your lifetime. With vast amounts of space by comparison to sailing a monohull yacht of equivalent size, our fleet of crewed and bareboat cats afford both luxury and speed as you cruise in style.

Difference between monohull and cat? Space!

Compared to a single hulled boat of an equivalent length you may have double the living space aboard a catamaran. This means that all aboard might have their own showers and toilets, while you can socialise and entertain almost the full length of the main deck on the new Bali 4.0s with their forward and aft saloon doors fully open, even on a 12 metre boat.

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For those bareboating on our fleet of catamarans, you will find that they have engines in both hulls, affording great slow speed manoeuvrability in smaller harbours and marinas.

Many of our catamarans have swimming platforms, that you just won’t find on small to medium monhulls. This allows you to drop anchor for a swim far from the madding crowd, enjoying the solitude you may have sought after the hustle and bustle of modern life ashore.

Crewed and bareboat

Kavas Yachting’s fleet of medium and large sailing catamarans can be crewed or sailed bareboat. This means you have the choice of running the vessel itself and sailing with just your family and friends, or leaving the responsibility to someone else.

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Having crew aboard means that you can choose to learn more about sailing yet have guidance on what to do and where to go as your daily needs suit. After a hard couple of days partying on Mykonos, perhaps a day or two in a quieter, more gentle spot to hear yourself think? Our crews have a deep local knowledge and can give you a good idea as to where to go for your next few days on the itinerary.

Sailing bareboat requires a little more responsibility. From mooring and unmooring to navigation and maintenance of the catamaran as you explore the islands on your own, you are the ultimate arbiter of your enjoyment aboard. For those who have enough sailing experience over the years yet may be a little rusty, Kavas have published a sailing guide to help jog your memory of all the processes and procedures in getting you from A-B.

Sailing qualities of a cat

Cruising catamarans have a somewhat mixed reputation among yachties for their overall sailing abilities. They cannot point as close to the wind as monohulls and have a lot of leeway due to their lower drafts. What they do offer is higher speeds, more stability and can come in closer to shore.

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The laws of physics show that the longer a vessel’s immersed waterline length, the faster it will go. Displacement cruising catamarans will have up to double the waterline length of their monohull equivalents and are so quick they will leave the monohull for dust on many points of sail. Recognising that there is some disadvantage sailing closer to the wind, yacht designers have significantly improved their performance to windward and while they still may not point so high their ‘Voyage Made Good’ is still much faster. This is to say, even though the cat will travel farther when tacking, it will still cross the line before the monohull! This means that as you blast over the waves you will see far higher speeds than almost anyone else in exactly the same winds.

Another strength is the stability of a cat. Even in moderate winds the monohull will lean over (‘heeling’) as the wind presses on the sail. Catamarans will stay upright even in a bigger gust and you will turn far more wind energy into speed than the monohull. For those seeking a more relaxed and less energetic experience, a Kavas catamaran will allow you to pour your gin and tonic without having to hold it at 45 degrees to the deck…

The final major sailing advantage that cats have over their single hulled equivalents is that most of them only need a few feet of water in which to float. This means that you can come right in to a deserted beach and may only be waist deep as you carry your barbecue equipment ashore for a party. It also means that you may be able to access smaller fishing ports with shallower harbours that would be otherwise denied you on a monohull.

Overall ?

The sailing catamaran may not have the excitement of a monohull lurching and barrelling over the waves, but it sacrifices this for the better things in life – forward speed, comfort and a taste of luxury you will never find at an equivalent price point on a single hulled boat. For those seeking a laid back adventure, a Kavas Yachting cruising catamaran is definitely the way ahead!

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