Christian Escriba the pastry chef in Barcelona

Right in heart of magical Barcelona, along the backbone of the city, travelers and food aficionados can find a marvel of their own, tucked away among other shops and eye-catching displays. But exactly at Rambla 83, close to La Boqueria market, one can find a true personal sweet heaven. In one of the most charming and intricately decorated houses, the renowned pastry chef Christian Escriba creates true savory masterpieces, following the exuberance of the fascinating city. This fairytale house used to be known as Casa Figueres, after the family that used to make excellent pasta. The building itself is a veritable work of art, perfectly blending in the city of Gaudi and Guell. The famous stage designer Ros i Guell has created something exceptional, with mosaics, Art Nouveau decor, sculptures and displays that are meant to make anyone wish to discover the interior.


Upon entering the little pastry shop, the senses are irremediably awakened, with mouthwatering displays and true gastronomic works of art. Christian Escriba is just the last of a dynasty of Escriba pastry chefs, taking this amazing art even further. He has truly become one of the top avant-garde chefs in the world, dazzling and fascinating everyone with his almost other-worldly creations. Magical worlds of sugar and chocolate, caramel and whatever sweet flavor you could imagine, come to life in the hands of Christian Escriba. His art goes beyond the usual window displays that make people linger in from of the shop for minutes, creating true marvels. Mixing gastronomy and fashion, the chef has created some of his masterpieces for celebrities and stars, becoming more and more desired in Barcelona and beyond.


Seeing some of his dazzling creations is a true experience, not knowing whether to admire them like a painting in a museum or sob under the undeniable desire to taste these sugary jewels. The cakes especially bring back the child in anyone, recreating mysterious or imaginary worlds. Christian Escriba can truly be regarded as a designer among chefs and a chef among artists. But beyond all this glitter and elegance, a visit to the pastry shop in La Rambla can also mean a chance to taste the delicious pastries, croissants and specialties that will most likely introduce you to the atmosphere of Barcelona. Where the city is not especially renowned for its sweets, with so much paella and sangria everywhere, this is a true sweet island, offering a savory escape from the flowing crowds of La Rambla. Getting to admire the masterpieces of Christian Escriba is a just a privilege that few have experienced.

La Rambla, 83
Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 01 60 27