Chios Island one of our paradise in Greece

Located in the Aegean Sea with about 842 sq. kilometer land area, Chios is the fifth largest island in Greece. Situated just off the coast of Asia Minor, it can be easily reached through a 40 minute or less plane ride. Being under the North Aegean administrative region, the island formed its own Chios regional units. Chios town proper is locally referred as “Chora”. The island has an approximate population of 52,000 making this a secluded tourist destination.

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Chios is blessed with a vast amount of natural attractions. History filled and full of natural resources, Chios is certainly a must see when in Greece. The island has a thriving town, wonderful beaches, historical attractions and a mountainous terrain. Endless possibilities awaits tourists who wants to relax and n

The islands main products are:

  • Mastic gum
  • Oranges
  • Citron
  • Figs
  • Grapes

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Some the island’s most famous tourist attractions are:


  • Medieval villages and Nea Moni’s 11th century monastery – considered as an UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Anavatos historical village
  • Picturesque Pyrgi village
  • Agios Isidoros
  • The invisible sailor statue
  • Homerion Cultural Center
  • Moni Myrsinidiu monastery
  • Kambos
  • Aepos terrain view
  • Chios churches
  • Chios’ windmills
  • Chios Museums


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Besides the above mentioned tourist attractions, Chios prides itself with having some of the best beaches in Greece. Showcasing the Aegean Sea, Chios has beaches located in the North, South and Central regions. Tourists can enjoy options from the fun crowded beaches to the more relaxing and isolated ones. Those who enjoy more landscape, sandy area or stone formations also have the option to choose their preference. Above all of that, the crystal clear water alone would surely take your breath away. To fully enjoy the beach, snack bars and restaurants are located in different areas.

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At the North region, the beautiful beaches of Nagos, Giossonas, and Volissos are found. The beach area caters to tourists who are also in to a gastronomical adventure. Tourists can savor traditional Greek dishes. If you want to go for a more secluded beach, visit Nagou beach. Famous for its water springs and pebble field coasts. Going more north, the beach of Iosona and Managros can be found. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sea and sandy beaches. More beaches from the north region are Magemena, Lefkatha and Limnos. All of the beaches has their own differences but it is assured that the water will always stay crystal clear.

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Moving down south is where the beaches Megas Limnionas, Agia Fotia and Agios Aimiliano can be found. These are some of the more popular beaches in the island. Along the coast of Chios is Mavra Volia having a black pebbled beach area. Further south is Karfas which is a more cosmopolitan beach that has more options for tourists. Restaurants, hotels, sea sports car rentals and other services can be find near Karfas’ area.


Going to the central part of the island, the historic Daskalopetra and bay of Lithi can be found. This is a more secluded and relaxing beach area. It has a spectacular view and of course crystal clear waters. Tourist can enjoy sightseeing and walking around the beach. Enjoy the majestic wonders that Chios Island has to offer. From history to culture to natural resources to amazing Greek cuisine, Chios Island has everything for a tourist. Fly to Greece and experience a historical, cultural and natural retreat.