Chaplin’s World Vevey opening 17th April 2016

Charlie Chaplin is undoubtedly one of the most influential actors and performers of all times. Through his seminal work on films such as “The Kid”, “Modern Times” and “The Dictator”, Chaplin was one of the first well-known actors to successfully translate his work from the silent film world to acting that requires voice and speech.

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A comedian, a humanitarian and a master at his craft, Charlie Chaplin is now being celebrated with a museum dedicated to his memory and achievements. Located in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland (the place where Chaplin actually spent his final days), the museum will be inaugurated on April 16th 2016, actually marking 127 years since Charlie Chaplin’s birth. Designed by the Confino agency and ideated by Grevin, “Chaplin’s World” museum will educate, entertain and inspire visitors on a journey to discover the man and the artist behind the myth.

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With over 3.000 square meters dedicated to the personal life, as well as the Hollywood career of Charlie Chaplin, the museum will be hosted within Chaplin’s stunning family manor and it will also feature annex buildings including a boutique, a restaurant, a Hollywood-style studio and a charming terrace.

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