Caviar and Bull perfect foodie experience in Malta

Caviar and Bull gastronomy Malta

During our stay in Malta, I am talking here about myself and my wife, we had the chance to eat at several fine restaurants. One of these restaurants was the Caviar and Bull Restaurant. It was part of the Corinthia St George’s Bay. The first thing that struck us was the difficulty to get a table at the restaurant, as it was constantly full, even if we were guests of the hotel. I said to myself that this has to be a great sign, the restaurant must be providing great food and service since everybody wants to dine there.

Caviar and Bull  posh restaurant Malta

Caviar and Bull posh restaurant Malta

As we discovered later, the effort of getting a table here was worth the effort. Even if the restaurant seems rather large on the outside, there is a pleasant feeling of warmth and coziness on the inside. The décor is posh, but it has a great ability to make you feel at in a top gastronomic restaurant. I also have to mention the gorgeous view towards the sea and the funny water system the restaurant had installed on the windows, which cleaned and dried them every 30 minutes, so that you could enjoy a pristine view. The staff was great as well, always kind and smiling, and knowing their job extremely well. For instance, the sommelier and Maitre d’O were true professionals, managing to always choose the right glass of wine to merge perfectly with the dish we served. My wife was extremely pleased by these details, so rarely found in other restaurants in Malta.

Caviar and Bull  gastronomic salmon

Caviar and Bull  fine cooking

Caviar and Bull Wagyu beef Carpaccio

Every dish prepared in this restaurant is made by respecting the produces and flavors specific to Malta. Everything is fresh and perfectly cooked, with a molecular wink, a real treat for our taste buds. We opted for gastronomic top cooking, although they can also satisfy meat lovers and caviar fans, as they even have a caviar bar. I started with the WAGYU BEEF CARPACCIO, which contained mango chutney, béarnaise nitro ice-cream, Amarone impregnated shallots, and Amaretto caviar with a smoked oak note. The flavors were incredible, the entire dish being so nice. My wife had the TRUFFLE BOOSTED RECONSTRUCTED MUSHROOMS, served with a micro green saladette honey truffle emulsion and spicy mayo. The selected wines were a white Cabernet Ulysses 2013 and We also enjoyed the APPLE WOOD HOUSE SMOKED SALMON, with nitro parmesan snow, aromatic herbs, roasted pistachios, honey and truffle emulsion, and aged balsamic caviar. It was an experience both smooth and crispy, with an incredible taste.

Caviar and Bull molecular spheres Malta

Caviar and Bull Malta lobster and salmon tortelloni

Caviar and Bull Maltese rabbit

We also decided to go for the 3 MOLECULAR SPHERES, served on crushed ice and liquid nitro, which made the dish look both odd and funny. Inside each sphere there was alcohol made in a molecular way and we had to swallow a sphere in one go. There was a feeling of freshness first and after followed by light alcohol. The remaining flavors were one similar to water melon sangria, the Cosmos, or the Cubanito, as it had a very similar taste with Mojito. Then the main course followed, consisting in local rabbit confit, wrapped in turnip cannelloni glassed with game jus, cognac flavored rabbit liver, and Merlot impregnated shallots. A dish perfectly cooked that will linger in my mind for years to come. My wife had LOBSTER AND SALMON TORTELLONI, which is loved as well paired with a Massaya Beqaa Lebanon 2015.

Caviar and Bull creme brule

Caviar and Bull Malta top dessert

Reaching the dessert chapter, we knew that Malta is not the best place to enjoy one. Still, we wanted to end the dinner with a dessert, because everything seems so sad without one. I chose the classical Crème Brulé paired with a nice Kabir Moscato di Pantelleria 2015 and my wife ordered the classical hot chocolate cake, which were both extremely delicious and surprising paired with a wonderful sherry El Candado Pedro Ximenez by Valdespino. For the entire experience we had here, I would say that the Caviar and Bull Restaurant deserves one Michelin star, if not even two, as everything from the service, food, and drinks were close to perfection.

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