Brussels Beer Project -Beer is taken to another level in Brussels

Beer is definitely one of the most popular beverages, not only in Belgium but also around the world. But, in Brussels there is a beer project that was created to take beer to another level. A new brewery emerged promising to bring world class craft beer to Belgium and even to the entire world. The brewery is called Brussels Beer Project and it has quite an interesting history. It started through crowdfunding, much as any other amazing business out there and takes beer making and enjoying very seriously. The entire Brussels Beer Project started back in 2013 and came rather far since then.

Brussels Beer Project crafted beers

Brussels Beer Project urban  brewer

The project and the brewery slowly developed to produce some of the most appreciated assortments of beer. They ended up supplying beer to more than 150 bars and restaurants in Brussels, and even started exporting their beer to 20 countries already. Well, the 2,000 crowdfunders that supported this project seem to have been very determined to make things work, so they did. Also, each crowdfunder receives 12 beers every year, for the rest of their life, so this may be rather motivating. Still, you don’t have to be a crowdfunder to have the chance to enjoy the beer made by the Brussels Beer Project brewery. As I discovered, they have a bar in Brussels where you can enjoy the beer they create. So, I didn’t want to miss the chance to check their famous beer out.

Brussels Beer Project special beers

Brussels Beer Project Babylone

Anyone can enjoy the Brussels Beer Project on Rue Antoine Dansaert, 188. Just do remember that they have open only three days a week. You can visit them on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. I went there with the idea of trying several beers, so I good get an idea about the beer they are making here.

Brussels Beer Project brewer in Belgium

I managed to taste 3 different beers and did have a favorite in the end. I enjoyed the most the beer assortment that is left to rest for several months in old cognac barrels. During this time, it takes the aroma of the cognac imprinted in the barrel, but you can also feel the flavor of the wood in it as well. It is definitely a kind of beer you won’t find anywhere else. Still, I have to admit that the other types of beer were as good, so I left with the impression that the Brussels Beer Project was indeed an extraordinary idea. It is great to see that a beverage that is so ordinary and so popular is transformed into a rather surprising experience.

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