Le Bristol Paris

While the marvelous Paris is probably the best known and most visited destination in the world, few people really go beyond the usual tourist track and try to gain a deeper understanding of what the city is really like, always aiming at enriching their experience. Even if Paris is totally worth the trip for its magnificent monuments and amazing atmosphere, few people think about an authentic Paris accommodation that will surely deepen their overall experience and allow for a perfect French holiday. While visiting the city, there are some special hotels and bestow their ambiance and style upon their guests, greatly improving the final impression on the city. One of these unbelievable lodging opportunities inside Paris is the famous Le Bristol hotel, with a past worthy of a castle and a location that could make anyone fall in love.


The Le Bristol luxury hotel is located in the heart of Paris, on the chic Faubourg Saint-Honore street, inside one of the most romantic and artsy quarter of the city, surrounded by elegant fashion shops and exquisite art galleries. Parallel to the Champs Elysees and close to the president residence of Elysees Palace, this old school hotel with a little English touch is everything one could ask from a hotel and then much more. Opened almost 100 years ago, Le Bristol has always been a symbol of luxury and elegance in the French capital, with some unique features and details. Right from the start, the intricate and beautiful facade of the hotel impresses anyone who loves architecture. The wrought-iron entrance and the elegant reception add to the unmistakable charm of this hotel.


Continuing through the amazing building, the rooms are completely unique and feature rich collections of antiques and art pieces, looking more like a habitable museum than a modern hotel. This, combined with the extremely personalized and old fashion service could overwhelm some guests, but is all part of the experience that Le Bristol is famous for and the winner of many recognitions. Refurbished and designed in a classic 18th century style, the rooms will make guests feel like royalty.

The unforgettable experience continues through the restaurants, one featuring 3 Michelin stars and the brasserie itself having 1 star. The wonderful French Garden terrace is a special welcoming space. The hotel also features a professional spa and wellbeing area, with the best treatments and service. Overall, Le Bristol hotel in Paris is not for everyone, but this is part of its unique charm and attraction.

112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris – France