Bocconi fine Italian cuisine in Brussels

If you love Italian cuisine, you will be then interested in the restaurant I am going to tell you about. This is not necessarily a new experience to me, as I have been before to the hotel that houses the restaurant, but I did notice a better approach and will be the first time I tell you about it. The restaurant is called Bocconi and it can be found in the Amigo Hotel, in Brussels. Its mission is to make the people in Brussels become more acquainted with the Mediterranean flavors, through a wide array of fine dishes from the Italian cuisine. It is definitely something you would want to try.

Hotel Amigo Brussels BoCConi

Returning to the Amigo Hotel, I had a déjà-vu feeling. The same warm and welcoming environment I knew was in front of my eyes. The décor hasn’t change over time, the same stylish atmosphere with a touch of surrealism. Due to my return here, I had the opportunity to serve lunch at the hotel’s restaurant, the Bocconi. The restaurant has a pleasant, intimate, and cozy atmosphere, not being too far away from the Grand Place. Because it was just lunch and the time was rather short, I opted for a quick lunch with several light dishes.

Boccini Calamari Fritti



I started with a dish of calamari fritti or fried calamari, which were crisp and tender at the same time. The dish was a delight. Then I enjoyed a bufalla with tomatoes and bread croutons, very refreshing and nourishing at the same time. The next dish contained a veal carpacio, perfectly done, not too raw and not too well done, which was seasoned perfectly. After this set of delicious and light appetizers, the main course was also light.

Boccini fish grilled trio

I opted for the Trios of grilled fish, which meant I served grilled salmon, sea bass and tuna, accompanied by vegetables that matched the entire dish. The types of fish served on this dish may vary, as the chef selects the freshest fish available each day. This way, you can be sure that the quality of the meal you enjoy is outstanding.

The flavors of every dish were spectacular and you could practically imagine how Italy would look like by simply tasting what you have on your plate. I loved the food and the fact that everything was so perfectly done. Even if the dishes were simple, being based on just a few ingredients, they were extremely tasty, which shows that everything was fresh and of the best quality. I will not hesitate to come here once again when I will have the chance, having in mind the pleasant lunch I had at this restaurant.

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