Berlin Bar catwalk at Marriott

I have often found myself lamenting the fact of how laborious shopping can get. Whether I accompany my wife, I am famished and aching with fatigue. There has usually been no other choice than to make myself a warm cup of tea and collapse in my bed at home after such tiring days. However, I heard a co-worker rave about Catwalk Bar at the Berlin Marriott Hotel. So, I decided to try it out after spending hours shopping for my Italy trip.

It is located in one of the most fashionable locations in Berlin; the Potsdamer Platz. I had somehow conjured up an image of this bar serving exotic drinks to supermodels and other trendsetters. When I saw the bar while crossing the road, I was taken aback by just how unique and incredible the bar is.

catwalk bar Berlin

I went at night time, so I was able to fully appreciate the marvellous lighting arrangement. Upon entering, to your left is the actual bar where the bartender serves your favourite drinks and they serve a new ‘Signature Cocktail’, which the entire catwalk team creates together. The chairs around the bar are situated like a director’s chair, so obviously I felt incredibly important as I sat in one. They have very wisely chosen the colour scheme for the bar; gold, blackberry and chrome. Their names sound fashionable even so you can imagine how exotic the bar looked. I am positive that for at least a good thirty minutes, you too will be too engrossed to do anything besides sit down and take in your surroundings. The bartender making the drinks energetically and the people swaying to the music. Not forgetting the soft blue and yellow lights that light the place perfectly and yet throw the essential shadows around the corners too, giving an air of mystery and celebration together.

The music is the next thing you notice after the beautiful arrangement. There is a live DJ alongside musicians, who play live, and not just ordinary instruments, but hand drums, saxophones and electrical guitars – all together! It is the perfect jam to arouse anyone and make them start dancing to the beat. I forgot that I had been extraordinarily tired just moments after hearing this music! There are cosy chairs and sofas for one to sit and enjoy their drinks in too, but most of the people there were on their feet.

The photos on the wall are also thoughtfully arranged into various shapes, showcasing some of the most wonderful names of the fashion industry. Since the bar is inside the Marriott Hotel, which has ample space, they have still made use of the space in a way that while there are spacious places, there are also dark nooks for a bit of privacy.

I stayed a good hour after finishing my drink and walked back home, my senses somehow heightened as I appreciated the smallest of things I passed on my way. This bar is incredible and I doubt any week will go by without me dropping in at least once!

Catwalk Bar Berlin at Marriott Hotel
Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1, 10785 Berlin
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Olivier Templar-James

photos credit : Matthias Hamel