Atelier of Jean Luc Rabanel in Arles a true magic experience

The beautiful red and black accented restaurant makes every customer feel comfortable, relaxed and eager to taste the Rabanel cusine. The chrome and leather chairs somehow whisper “you’re home”. The Jean-Luc Rabanel is home to the hungry gourmet loving tourists and people of France.

Chef Rabanel develops his menus seasonally but not based on anything popular. His inspiration and muses are raw human emotions. He makes each plate taste different; telling stories of love, hurt, joy, peace, happiness and a lot more besides. The Jean-Luc Rabanel only serves healthy food as Chef Rabanel believes the kitchen is a living entity; a place alive with the rich diversity of plants and herbs. All produce used at the restaurant is sourced from locals. Thus, the distance from the farm to your plate is a very short one thus, ensuring all nutrients are preserved. This in turn ensures every mouthful is a rich blend of nutrients, spices and probably a spoonful of happiness depending on what emotion is being served up by Chef Rabanel.

La Végétale 3s


Soupe d'herbess

His personality is displayed in the food he prepares. Rabanel’s Napoleonic humour makes each trip to the Jean-Luc Rabanel almost theatrical and at the very least engaging. The restaurant’s idyllic location make the patio seats some of the best in the house particularly if the weather is nice. Chef Rabanel is a multiple award winner and takes great pride in his elegant, simple, intimate and most importantly, welcoming restaurant.


Rabanel amazingly strips all fat and sugar from food and yet leaves customers immensely satisfied and always coming back for more. You might get a clue how he does it by grabbing a bite there on your next trip to France. For him, he dietetics and gastronomy should always meet in the middle. Jean-Luc Rabanel has the best gourmet meal deal in the whole of France with a package deal of 7 dishes at only 55 euros. If you add the tapas served in the first room (with a bamboo and vegetable wall), you get 12 dishes! There is no better bargain!

Have lunch at Jean-Luc Rabanel one of these days, it’s always a wonderful experience. Bon ‘appetit

Atelier Jean Luc Rabanel
7 Rue des Carmes, 13200 Arles
Phone: +334 90 91 07 69

All photos are @François Lefebvre