Amazing jewelry by Sabrina Dehoff in Berlin

Berlin is not just the capital city of Germany, as it is also one of the capital cities of fashion and creation in Europe. The number of artists that live and unroll their activity in Berlin is incredible, so it is definitely a city you need to visit if you like discovering beautiful and unique items. Most of these artists have their own boutiques, where they display their works of art and allow people to purchase the ones that suit their styles and personalities in the best way possible.

Entering such a boutique is an incredible experience, as they look more like homes or workshops, providing an intimate and unforgettable experience. In case you like unique jewelry, created with the help of an artistic view, then you need to check out the jewelry made by Sabrina Dehoff, one of the most promising artists in Berlin when it comes to this particular niche.



To start with, it is definitely worth mentioning that Sabrina Dehoff was voted to be present on the list presenting the Best 10 Jewelry Designers of The World, by the Die Welt Online’s Luxury Guide. So, if you choose to buy and wear Sabrina’s jewelry, then do know that you will join an exclusive group of customers that include numerous Hollywood stars, like Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and many more. Yes, the incredible designs of her jewelry, their modern and playful appearance, and top quality, made them highly appreciated not just in Germany but also throughout the world. This talented jewelry design is the graduate of the Royal College of Arts in London, also having a Master’s Degree in the Women’s Wear specialty. Also, before venturing into this business on her own, Sabrina worked as an assistant for famous designs, such as Christina Ortiz and Albert Elbaz.




In 2000, she decided that Berlin was the best place for her to live and work, moving to the city and opening up her first business, which was a fashion consultancy company. Through her business, Sabrina ended up collaborating with some of the world’s greatest fashion houses, like DKNY and Moschino. Finally, in 2006, she launched her first jewelry collection, named “Little Helpers”. As it was expected, the collection was extremely appreciated, due to the brand’s unique style, which combines modern designs and trendy details with a cheerful character. This can be easily seen in Sabrina’s latest jewelry collection, “Dress Me Fly”, which is available in her boutique and online store. One of the main themes of the collection is, obviously, the butterfly, presented in a modern and chic manner. Her jewelry is always fresh, inspiring, and positive, ideal for the modern woman that loves life to the fullest.



So, if you are in Berlin and would like to add unique pieces of jewelry to your collection, you need to take a look at the wonders created by Sabrina Dehoff. You will certainly feel like walking into a different universe in her shops, where the city’s background lightens up and your creativity is challenged.


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