African Leather an elegant perfume by Memo

Did you ever want to sense the spirit of the wilds of Africa? Have you ever imagined heightening your senses with the scents of African flora and fauna? It is no longer necessary to go to Africa. Africa comes to you with the new African Leather by Memo. African Leather is a unique perfume for men and women. Why is this perfume so unique? While many other companies are creating perfumes with the fragrance of flowers and other natural ingredients, Memo has decided to stimulate people’s sense of smell by letting them experience the wildlife of Africa.

3D_PackAFRICANLEATHER_BD Inspired by different aspects of the African continent, including the elephants, Memo wanted to develop a perfume that would arouse all of the human senses. The ingredients have been carefully chosen to last, from the moment you put African Leather on your skin. The fragrance of African Leather heightens the human senses and boosts the libido of every man and woman who wears it. Cumin, geranium, cardamom, saffron, vetiver and musk are just a few of the unique aromas contained in African Leather’s exotic bottle.

African Leather by Memo was launched in 2015. With its unique and highly creative design, the bottle allows you to lose your mind in the wilds of Africa for a few moments and feel the unique excitement. While wearing your new African Leather perfume, you will feel alive, free, powerful and sexy. The eyes of colleagues, friends and lovers will follow you with endless desire. The inspiration for this fragrance comes from the beautiful landscapes of the African continent, and you will also detect a variety of flora and fauna. The founders of Memo, Clara and John Molloy, are really thrilled with African Leather, having embarked on a creative journey that started back in 2007. Before travelling around the world, John Molloy was growing up surrounded by horses in the lush, green Irish countryside. Meanwhile, Clara was growing up in Andalucía and, because of her love of accents, started to use travelling as her main inspiration for living and breathing.

John and Clara Molloy
Both founders of Memo have a passion for travelling to new destinations and discovering new things. It was through this love of adventure that the first perfume was born and, today, Memo has around 22 perfumes. With their love of travelling, Clara and John have developed a perfume collection which evokes the passion and experiences of those magical journeys. Warm, fresh and spicy with hints of leather, African Leather by Memo is another example of the famous quote: “The journey is the destination.” By awakening your senses, you will arrive feeling fresh, tranquil and relaxed.


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