A wonderful lunch at VAU restaurant, Berlin

Powered by the creativity and vision of renowned chef, Kolja Kleeberg, the Vau restaurant set out to earn a Michelin star as one of Berlin’s most exciting havens for fine dining and innovative cuisine. The food offerings at Vau fall somewhere between tradition and innovation, perfectly echoing the eclectic mindset of the German capital, a place where the old world clashes with the new in many, beautiful ways.

Restaurant Berlin Vau

If you decide to book in for a night at the VAU, you can expect something more than a dinner: a true sensation! Chef Kolja Kleeberg is a true artist in the real sense of the word; also an actor, a storyteller, singer, and performer, Kolja’s vivid and colorful soul is apparent within his unique dishes, from perfect execution to stunning presentation. The Menu at VAU has very strong seasonal ties, as every ingredient is sourced locally, and it is as fresh as it can possibly be.

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While the items on the menu might appear quite traditional at first glance, the execution and the attention to quality ingredients is what truly makes the difference. The meals are presented in an innovative, aesthetically pleasant fashion that resonates with the elegant, yet quite casual, look and atmosphere of the restaurant.

With such premises, it is easy to see why I was more than excited to try the VAU and their notorious food, made by a flamboyant personality chef!

I visited VAU in the context of a lunch, where I had the chance to have a 3-course meal for 45 euro (a fair price for the quality that was offered, with a menu offering many different options and combinations of mains and starters).

Restaurant Vau

I immediately enjoyed the warm and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant interior; rustic wood panels created a beautiful contrast with contemporary design quirks and beautiful modern paintings, making for a truly relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The service was as discreet and elegant as the decor, not to mention polite, efficient, and experienced.

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Our lunch started with an exceptional serving of fragrant, freshly made bread and butter, for a very Mittel-European twist. My starter was a Bisque De Homard with Roasted Shrimp, a dish that offered a great contrast of flavors and texture in a nice starter-size package…worthy of a starred restaurant!

As I main, I had roasted monkfish with a side of perfectly cooked vegetables, baby potatoes, and espuma: a simple, yet rich and interesting dish, where every element was well executed and placed in the right place. This meal presented a well-orchestrated harmony of flavors that complemented each other seamlessly, without ever overpowering the main star of the dish – the fish – but always enriching it with new and interesting overtones that added more flare to an otherwise remarkably simple dish. This entrée proved to me that a simple set of quality ingredients, paired with a great concept and superior craftsmanship, can really go a long way!

The dessert was definitely one of the highlights of the lunch: Piedmont Hazelnut cake, cream praline, and sea buckthorn (also known as sea berries). While the cake was fragrant and texture-rich, the cream was both hearty and delicious, with the berries providing the necessary acidic counterpoint: brilliant!

I would definitely recommend the VAU restaurant as an exciting dining experience in Berlin, reflecting the city’s vibe and culture! Take your time, sit back, and enjoy!
restaurant Vau
Jägerstraße 54-55, 10117 Berlin
Phone : +49 30 2029730
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Olivier Templar-James