10 of the best road trip routes to try in Europe

There’s a reason why people from all over the world venture around Europe. This continent has to offer us plenty of nobility, history, aristocratism, and exceptionally scenic locations. There’s no valid reason to skip visiting any of those 10 best routes found in Europe. So now when it’s finally time to plan your family vacation with an RV, a van, or another convenient and reliable high-end vehicle from Hertz Rent2Buy, keep those options in mind:

1. Epirus Region – Greece
Epirus Region in Greece is a unique mixture of slopes and a shoreline. You will climb weaving roads and will see crystal clear water.


If you have faith in the quality of your vehicle, you can also attack some alternative terrain. This place is excellent for a road trip because you have some sharp turns and steep slopes to explore. Any car is easily pushed to the max here, but you will also see incredible sights.

2. The Arctic Fjords of Norway
Now don’t let the word “southwest” fool you. We are talking about a Nordic country and the fjords of Norway are not to be trifled with. Make sure you drive something with decent size, large tires, and plenty of comfortable features.


You will also have the opportunity to ride a ferry across Sognefjord and also see Fjaler where mountain peaks with glaciers exist together. The drive between Bergen and Trondheim will take you about a week.

3. Portugal Coastline
There’s one you didn’t see coming because we aren’t going to talk about Lisboa. Instead, we will tell you to start your road trip from Porto and drive down along the coastline of Portugal where Douro Valley, Coimbra, and Leiria are located. This trip is not categorized as a hard one because you will see hot areas, encounter fantastic cuisine, and spend time on beaches.

4. Paris – Berlin
This sounds like a classic trip and it is. The route will take you from the glamorous French capital to a very respectable place such as Berlin. This trip will also take you on a tour around history. Turn the AC on and just enjoy all the French Renaissance villages and towns such as Reims or Champagne.


In Germany, make sure you stop by Nuremberg and Leipzig which bear plenty of Cold War history. Dresden should also be on your radar with its culture.

5. Dubrovnik to Pula – Croatia
That’s an underrated trip because not so many people venture between Croatian towns. Dubrovnik, though, is a location with exceptional character. After all, all the rich merchants used to reside there. Today this is still a city of trade. Check out Zadar, Motovun, (with its famous truffle risotto) and Rovinj on the way to Pula.

6. Tuscany
There’s not just one town we can distinguish in Tuscany and tell you to go there specifically. Just drive around the area and take all the beauty of middle Italy in. This is where you can cruise with a rental car if you do not want to use yours.


Since you will need about 4-5 days to explore Tuscany and its wines and cheese, we recommend that you do a longer than usual car rental. Use this region to conduct your extended test drive and really become one with your vehicle.


7. Germany Alpine
This route is not so well-known because when we say The Alps, we think about countries such as Switzerland and maybe Italy at best. If you venture around Fussen and go towards Salzburg, you will encounter many castles and plenty of breathtaking scenes.

8. London to Edinburgh
This can be a rather long trip though plenty of rain and rocky terrain. The Highlands can feel cozy, though, especially when you have a comfortable top class car to get you through there. Don’t skip Oxford, in fact, start from there. The northern English cities of Manchester and Liverpool are fun to check out on your way to the Scottish capital.


9. Turkey – shoreline
You will be surprised to find out that much of the Ancient Greek history happened exactly in this region. Not only that you will enjoy great seaside resorts, but you also get to see Troy. Yes, the actual Greek city was right here just north of Izmir.

10. Switzerland

The country is too tiny for us to tell you about just one specific route. Our expert advice is to explore as much as you can from Switzerland because it probably has the prettiest slopes in Europe. But it’s not just wildlife and nature. Switzerland has beautiful cities such as Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva, and Bern. In fact, explore to an opportunity to just start your road trip from Switzerland and then carry on to other European countries.