• Kiani beach resort Chania home

    Kiani Beach Resort: a reference in luxury family resorts in Greece

    Greece is an incredible vacation destination, because the weather here is amazing most of the year, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy, and very affordable high-quality services. If you want to enjoy Greece with your family, which means bringing your young ones along, finding …

  • Symphony travel apps

    Symphony, a smart travel companion and concierge

    Travel companies, like businesses in any other industry today, are facing a crucial test – innovate or die. One could argue that has always been the case in any competitive market, but there is competition and then there is transformation. While the first half of …

  • Berlucchi 61 saten dischi

    Berlucchi sparkling wines with an italian touch

    “In vino veritas!”, it’s a common sense which dates a few centuries back, as once you drink you immediately notice such a warm feeling that some of your most comfortable fears simply disappear as a little white cloud goes into the wind, and they suddenly …

  • DSC07459s

    What to visit and enjoy in Dubrovnic, Croatia

    The city of Dubrovnic is located in Croatia, on the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea. It is a gorgeous city and its location, culture and history are attracting very many tourists here every year. In fact, it is one of the most visited locations in …

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Concept room ORIGINE : Energy efficient, Biosourced and Revitalizing

by Olivier Templar-James in Luxury deals

The world around us changes and so is the hotel industry. In a few years, we will start seeing hotel rooms that are very different from the ones we know and use today. What will make the difference between the new and the old? The …